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Pretta - A new level of project management

An iOS application designed to optimize project management processes.

Pretta iOS application

We created the Pretta mobile application for internal use at CrustLab. We use it to improve the IT project management process that we implement for our clients from around the world.

Pretta principal challenges

The need to create a Pretta application has always existed in our work and is derived from the difficulties posed by estimating an IT project. We wanted to enrich the “dry” numerical estimates to make them more accurate and realistic to implement. We were looking for effective ways to reduce the time needed for estimation, speed up project work, and have the ability to view progress on an ongoing basis.

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How does it work?

The inspirations for the creation of this project management application were the CTM and PERT mathematical methods, which scientists working on the Manhattan Project used to improve their work. We came to the conclusion that methods which were helpful in managing a project involving nearly 1,000 people oould also add value to our work.

We have written an algorithm that is based on the aforementioned mathematical methods. Thanks to this, the application is able to select critical points of the project then, in graphic form, present their path with particular emphasis on those that cannot be moved in time and those that can be freely managed. The effects are visible in three variants: optimistic, neutral, or assuming the longest project implementation time. Each of these variants contains an indicator of the probability of the work going according to the assumed plan, and the application also verifies how confident the user is by them entering individual values.

The last step was to design the UX and UI to make the application not only functional, but also readable and intuitive.


– reduction in time needed to create an estimation by 20%

– 95% accuracy of estimation

We have created an authorial solution that helps us manage an unlimited number of projects that we implement for our clients. We have significantly reduced the time needed to prepare the estimation by as much as 20% and improved the accuracy of calculations.

Thanks to that, we improve the work on each project and determine the optimal time to implement them by identifying the most time-consuming points of the project, indicating dependencies and setting priorities for performing tasks.

The whole process is complemented by the thoughtful UX and UI applications that are readable and easy to use even for lay people.

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