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Meet software development experts!

It is carefully selected people that make up a great team. Experience, creativity, unconventional thinking, ambition, willingness to help, the ability to solve problems, and a passion for programming. All of these characteristics are shared by the software development experts at CrustLab. Hire us and see what we can do!

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Software development experts

Thanks to a challenging, multi-stage recruitment process, we accept only 4% of the CVs we receive. This makes our team created by exceptional individuals, but we believe that teamwork is the key to success. The opportunity of working with the best from the bests attracts even more new talents to our team. We constantly challenge ourselves to learn about new technologies and explore more and more industries. All this to meet the growing needs of our clients.

Software development experts team
Senior-level experience

More than half of the members of our team have senior-level experience in the field of software development. Even if they are still young people they started programming as teenagers and invariably over the years reaching the top level of software development expertise. Not only high technical skills, but an understanding of business needs, the ability to solve a dead-end situation, and experience in working on projects from various industries make up a team of software development experts with whom you want to work!

Learning culture

The environment created by such qualified software developers supports growth. We observe it inside the organization and in the businesses of our clients. We strive to maintain a mutual learning culture and continuous self-development in the company in order to constantly raise the bar. Work with us and see how much you will learn!

Passion for newest technologies

The attraction to technology has been with us from an early age. That is why we do everything to be up to date with the news in the fast-paced IT world. We successfully introduce new solutions to our client’s projects so that their businesses develop even faster with the use of technology.

Software development experts team

What do our clients value us for?

Our clients, when asked about the most important advantages of cooperation with the CrustLab software development experts team, indicated the following. Check if we have what you are looking for!

Free estimation

Free project estimation and deep understanding of your needs before the project starts – this is the first saving you get thanks to cooperation with CrustLab.

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On budget, on time

Work done in accordance with the assumptions, within a specified budget, and on time, predictable and stable cooperation.

Project workshops

We are not waiting for a ready-made action plan, using a proactive approach and we are here to help you in the creation of product strategy and making the key decisions.

Dedicated team

Each project has a dedicated team with a certified project manager and other experts with excellent technical skills in their field depending on project requirements.


Throughout the duration of the project, you have access to the Issue Tracking Tool - JIRA, project documentation on Confluence, a dedicated Slack channel, and an hourly report.

Passionate people

CrustLab employs many beautiful minds who have a lot of passion for programming, want to be the best, self-improve from an early age and nothing will stop them - they are at your call.

Code ownership

We do not claim any ownership of the software we make. We do the job for you, so you finally have full ownership of the code.

High-quality products

We'll make for you a fully professional app written in modern technology that has no bugs and optimized performance, so you will be able to develop and use it for years.

CrustLab’s leadership

Even the best team needs someone to lead it. Meet the founders of CrustLab. Passion for the IT world and many years of programming experience give them a solid technical background.

Adam Gontarz

Adam is the founder and CEO of the company. It shapes and implements the vision, mission, and strategy of the company's development. Besides, he works in the front line of sales on a daily basis. Clients appreciate his extensive experience in implementing IT projects in the betting industry.

Marcin Śpiewak

Marcin is the co-founder and CTO of the company. He is making key decisions on the system architecture and final technical elements in the projects as well as setting the technical direction of our client’s projects and the company. You can always rely on him, both as a customer and as a team member.

Dominik Szczygieł

Dominik is the co-founder and COO of the company. He is responsible for human resource management and supports the work of the HR department. Dominik allocates people to client's projects and internal projects, control project's budgets and collect feedback from our employees on a daily basis.

After work

We like to spend time together also after work. Sometimes it is a simple trip to a bar, other times a relaxation in the office after hours, and from time to time a weekend trip to the mountains. We try to do it regularly because we believe that good relations between team members translate into quality and job satisfaction.

CrustLab team integration
About last integration

Photo from the previous corporate integration, when we went to the beautiful surroundings of Zakopane. Unfortunately, it only shows part of the team.

Office location

Our office is located in the very center of Krakow, near the historic district of Kazimierz, on the bank of the Vistula River. It is a very pleasant neighborhood with good communication with every part of the city. Visit us if you are in the area!

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