Grow your career at CrustLab – IT job offers for software developers

Embrace the opportunity to join our fantastic crew at CrustLab, where we thrive on enhancing our skills in a culture of mutual trust and valuable feedback. Take advantage of limitless growth opportunities, a transparent career path, and competitive pay. Apply now and become a part of our dynamic team!

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Search for your role

We’re actively recruiting for a range of exciting positions, each with its unique set of responsibilities and clear career path. Explore our current IT jobs below and discover the role that best aligns with your skills and aspirations. We are waiting for you!

Why is CrustLab the right place for you?

We’re focused on delivering exceptional software solutions that help our clients join the elite. That’s a great chance to challenge yourself while taking on big projects for world-leading brands in iGaming, Sport, Blockchain and more. Besides, we’re just a team of people that enjoy working together. See what we stand for.

Learning culture

Technically demanding projects trigger us to learn new things every day. We try to improve and innovate through continuous learning to deliver the highest business value. If you have a growth mindset, then CrustLab is the perfect fit for you!


We provide opportunities for all team members to take ownership and contribute to projects, regardless of their seniority. You’ll have the chance to work on exciting tasks and make a meaningful impact from day one.

Feedback-driven approach

Constructive feedback is our core pillar. We believe that honest and transparent communication stimulates our growth. That’s why we encourage open dialogue to foster positive relationships and a collaborative work environment.


Teamwork makes the dream work! Our crew is basically like a puzzle in which every piece is crucial to complete a bigger picture. We achieve great things together by leveraging our individual strengths.


Are you searching for a workplace where you can grow professionally and personally? You’ve come to the right place. Since we are the strongest advocates of self-development, we will give you tools and resources to master your hard and soft skills.

Common goals

At CrustLab, we all look in the same direction. Everyone has a clearly defined role, which lets the whole team work in sync toward a common vision. That way, we obtain exceptional results. Would you like to be a part of our success?

Didn’t find a suitable job offer?

We’re always on the lookout for IT talents!

Send us your CV, and we’ll contact you when there’s a match.If you have any question about CrustLab you can also write us an email: [email protected]

We’re always on the lookout for IT talents!

Send us your CV, and we’ll contact you when there’s a match.If you have any question about CrustLab you can also write us an email: [email protected]

They trusted us
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    How do we proceed with your application?

    Benefits for hires

    We recognize the importance of the working environment. That’s why we offer a variety of perks and benefits to support your development.

    Remotely or on-site

    Are you a home-office fan? Or maybe you love face-to-face collaboration and cannot imagine a day without your teammate? You can select the work mode that best suits your preferences.

    Flexible working hours

    You have the freedom to adjust your work to your daily rhythm. Need to run some errands during office hours? It’s not an issue as long as you complete your tasks on time and don’t block your teammates. Enjoy the flexibility!


    Your hard work and expertise deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. Do not doubt that your efforts toward making CrustLab an effective company will be honored with an attractive salary.

    Paid vacation

    Keep a healthy work-life balance – take advantage of your days off whenever you like. Feel free to unwind on the beach, knowing your teammates will handle everything while you are away. .

    Private healthcare

    Your health is our top priority, which is why we provide you with access to Lux Med’s private healthcare program to safeguard your well-being. Forget about waiting in lines.


    We ensure that every CrustLab member has a clear career advancement path. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to enhance your skills and climb the seniority ladder with the help of your colleagues and funds for training, conferences, and other educational resources.

    What our employees say about us

    There is nothing more convincing than the opinion of a longtime employee of the company.


    If you have any additional questions about our job opportunities and working at CrustLab in general, check our FAQ section – maybe we have already answered them.

    • What are the possible forms of employment?

      To address the diversified demands of our employees, we offer various employment options, including a standard employment contract, a B2B contract, and a contract of mandate.

      Here, it’s worth noting that B2B contracts include paid time off, so you could fully enjoy your vacay. Isn’t it great?

    • Is remote/hybrid work possible?

      You can work from home or whatever spot you like, even the USA. Our team members are spread across different cities such as Poznań, Wrocław, Warszawa, and occasionally even some exotic locations outside of Europe. We are excited to add your venue to this list!


      Yet, if you’d like to work in a hybrid mode or just visit our office in Kraków, Poland sometime, our doors are always open.

    • What does remote onboarding look like?

      Before you start completing your first tasks, you will be sent your equipment with all the details on the proper configuration and the agenda for your first days at our company.

      Your onboarding will start with meetings with the founders, your assigned buddy, and team members.

    • What can I expect during recruitment?

      We have provided a detailed description of every stage of the recruitment process above. You can expect to receive feedback on your performance within three days after each part.

      While assessing your skills, we give attention to both technical and soft skills since we realize the value of both for personal growth and development.

    • What is CrustLab’s culture?

      Our principal values are teamwork, constructive feedback, continuous development, and ownership.

      Work at CrustLab is defined by dynamic changes driven by the fascinating projects we are a part of. Each of us has a clearly specified role in the team to maximize our strengths.

      The culture of mutual trust and honest feedback enables us to create a good atmosphere that is vital to obtain satisfactory results in a demanding tech industry.

      At the end of the day, all of these factors help us become an A team that delivers first-rate products to our clients.

      Join us and see for yourself!