Software developer career at CrustLab

We have open software developer career opportunities! Are you interested in the following? Challenging projects, high earnings, employee benefits, private health care, and annual bonuses. Working in the office or remotely. If yes to any (or even all!) of the above, we are seeking experienced software developers who are ready to test their skills!

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Meet our software developers

Who are we? What criteria do we use to build a great team? What do we do in our spare time? Read more and decide if you want to join us!

The best of the best

We have the ambition to build the best tech teams in Lesser Poland. Our group consists of mobile, web, front-end and back-end developers, project managers, scrum masters, QA testers, and product designers. During our work, we learn from each other, and we create reusable solutions, which makes all of the development we do, even quicker. Team members are encouraged to constantly develop by learning from the projects we’re currently working on or the projects that we’ve already done.

Learning culture

However, a real quality of work is only one of the many components of a good team. We try to maintain a cheerful atmosphere and a positive, focused attitude to ensure the most critical tasks are completed as quickly as possible. Working in our team, you are an individual whose opinion matters. During regular face-to-face meetings, you will have the opportunity to share your comments on the projects you, or we, have implemented, the medium of communication, and the processes within the company. We do all of this to constantly improve our company so that it is the best place to work.

Not only work matters

After work, we often have time to relax together. Our team members are exciting people who are happy to share their passions. Honestly, we can’t wait for you to tell us about yourself!

Why do our employees value us as an employer?

Below are the most important advantages of working at CrustLab, as indicated by our developers.


Competitive earnings and an annual bonus depending on your contribution to the company’s revenue.

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Projects that are made for people and actually reach the market. Our projects don’t sit in the drawer. We work with various industries, and the newest technologies.

Endless challenges

Self-development opportunities while working with highly experienced experts.


Work in small project teams where your point of view matters.

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Flat structure

Friendly atmosphere, transparency, and a culture of mutual help.

Plans for the future

A small company with lofty ambitions, a willingness to change and improve, and a place where taking the initiative is appreciated and encouraged.


With a solid technical background, always ready to listen and help solve problems.

The office

Located in the center of Krakow, with great views and even better access, surrounded by many restaurants and many places to relax.

How do we recruit?

Your role in the team

In our team, each individual plays an equally important role. You work in a project team of several people under the supervision of a project manager. From the beginning of the project, you influence the choice of technology and the style of work. At the same time, we expect your suggestions to improve our work and criticism and conclusions regarding the mistakes made.

We strive to implement customer projects from start to finish. We do not run body leasing. You can develop and not get bored or stuck in the same routine. You will work on several projects, but they will always be projects carried out by CrustLab, for which you will feel responsible, alongside the rest of the project team.

Who do we work with?

The extensive portfolio of CrustLab clients demonstrates the guarantee of exciting and challenging projects that you will have the possibility to work on. We specialize in the betting industry, but as this is such a varied and complex industry, it means that we implement entirely varied projects, even within it. Betting platforms, sportsbooks, data warehouses, lotteries, web and mobile applications; we have already completed over a dozen projects in this industry, including for market leaders in the United States, Scandinavia, Western Europe, and Poland. We strive to be seen as the #1 company globally in IT betting solutions.

This does not mean, however, that we do not implement projects in other areas than betting. Other areas in which we operate include; FinTech, Healthcare, IoT, e-commerce, and solutions for startups. For years, we have been running regular projects for clients who are successful in each of these industries thanks to our software.

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Job offers

The below will always be an up-to-date list of open jobs for software developers and more. Find out more about the available job offers, our requirements, benefits and the salary we offer. If you find something for yourself, apply!

Benefits & Perks

We offer our employees a number of benefits.

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Competitive Salary

We know that top experts should earn well and we hire only the best people!

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Paid Vacation

We’ll pay you for 15 days of vacation.

Office Location

We have room for you in our office in the center of Krakow near the river Wisła and the historic district of Kazimierz.

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Remote Work

But if you prefer, you can work from anywhere! Even Tenerife, if you like.

Private Healthcare icon
Private Healthcare

Your health is very important to us. Private healthcare is provided by Luxmed.

Flexible Working Hours icon
Flexible Working Hours

Sleep long or work at night, it’s fine as long as you’re doing your job.

What our employees say about us

There is nothing more convincing than the opinion of a longtime employee of the company.

Start your software developer career at CrustLab!

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