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We’re a software development company that loves finding solutions to complicated problems! We focus on the betting industry, but we also implement solutions for fintech, healthcare, IoT, and startups. By creating fast and efficient mobile and web applications, we will help your business grow.

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Industries we focus on

Use our experience in various industries; iGaming, Sports betting, Online gambling, Online casino, FinTech, Blockchain, Crypto, Healthcare, IoT and many others; to build modern and functional digital products. We strive to understand your needs and create a custom software solution that helps grow your business.

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iGaming development

We offer a wide range of iGaming and sports betting solutions for web & mobile, such as sportsbook, betting platforms, casinos & lotteries, slots, games development, and pari-mutuel systems as well as technical consultations based on our industry experience.

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Sports betting

Grow your business with the help of an experienced sportsbook software provider! Our technical expertise and sports betting industry knowledge will help you make a difference in this competitive industry.

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casino software development

Casino software development

Step into the game and bet on the proven online casino software provider, who will support you with designing and implementing the slot game prototype, online casino software integrations, and casino software end-to-end development.

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FinTech development

Software is changing the world of business and financial services. As an in-house team of FinTech industry experts, we develop custom Web & Mobile financial applications.

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Blockchain development

Hire a product team of blockchain development experts to create a successful and profitable product. Attract more users thanks to the latest blockchain, crypto, and tech solutions and scale your business quickly!

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Cooperation models

Depending on your needs, we offer different models of cooperation. If you do not have an in-house IT department, we can recommend you hire a Product Development team, which is a great way to save time and money and give you peace of mind resulting from the awareness that experts do your product development. For companies that have their own IT department, we recommend Staff Augmentation which fulfills a lack of knowledge of a specific technology, experience in a given industry or wanting to speed up development work and increase efficiency.

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Product development

An agile team covering all the skills is needed for valuable custom Digital Product development. Hire experienced team of Web & Mobile Developers, Project Managers, Designers, Testers, and DevOps who understand how to solve your business challenges.

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Staff augmentation

Strengthen your team with external software development experts. We offer a pool of talented programmers, designers, testers, managers, and others ready to join in and boost your software development!

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Why do our clients value us?

Our clients, when asked about the most important advantages of cooperation with CrustLab, highlighted the following. Check out the below to see if we have what you’re looking for!

Free estimation

Free project estimation and deep understanding of your needs before the project starts – this is the first saving you get working in cooperation with CrustLab.

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On budget, on-time

Work done in accordance with specifications, within budget, and on time. Always predictable and stable cooperation.

Project workshops in CrustLab

Project workshops

We are not waiting for a ready-made action plan, we use a proactive approach. We are here to help you in the creation of product strategy and in making the key decisions.

Dedicated team

Each project has a dedicated team with a certified project manager and other experts with excellent technical skills in their field depending on the project requirements.

Passionate people

CrustLab employs many beautiful minds who have a lot of passion for programming. Nothing will stop them – they are at your call.

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Code ownership

We do not claim any ownership of the software we make. We do the job for you, and when completed, you will have full ownership of the code.

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High-quality products

We’ll make you a fully professional app, written with modern technology, that has no bugs, and optimized performance, so you will be able to develop and use it for years.

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Software development company – read more about us

CrustLab is a custom software development company that specializes in web and mobile applications. Our team has experience in software development working with industries like gambling, fintech, healthcare, IoT, and more. The quality of the products we deliver due to the quality of the team that we put at your disposal. We want you to work only with the best people on the market! That is why we invest in specialists with various skills – software developers, testers, UX/UI designers, and managers.

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Trusted by leading brands

There is no better recommendation than the opinion of a satisfied customer. See what founders and managers say about cooperation with CrustLab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have collected questions that are repeated during conversations with you, our customers, and using these questions, we have explained some key terms that may raise doubts. We hope you find the information below helpful. If you have any questions, please write to us!

  • What is a software house?

    By definition, a software house is a software development company. This means that you can take advantage of its services if you are looking for a partner who will create software for your internal use or software that will facilitate the use of your services by external clients. A company that creates software for specific activities that is later bought by private users, you can also call a software house. First of all, it is a company where programmers work, and their tasks include writing the source code. In other words, a software house is an IT company whose services you can use when building a website, online store, or web & mobile application.

  • What type of services does the software development company offer?

    Depending on the strategy and specialization, the software development company can offer services such as web development, web app development, MVP development, PWA development, RWD development, Mobile-first design, frontend development, backend development, cloud-based software development, multi-tenant systems development, software development, custom software development, mobile development, iOS development, Android development, hybrid apps development, product design, product workshops, UX design, UI design, testing, and maintenance. A software development company can be industry-focused, e.g. betting development, fintech development, e-commerce development, etc.

  • Can software development companies have a specialization?

    Sure. Some software development companies specialize in certain types of products. Some of them provide only Web services, others focus on creating Mobile applications. Often the scope of services is defined by the team structure and the skills and experience of programmers in working with specific technologies. There are software development companies that only deal with front-end development or those that specialize in back-end solutions. Some IT companies make native mobile apps while others use cross-platform technology. Yet another factor influencing specialization may be the industry, e.g. e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, or sports. At CrustLab, we not only support projects in the field of Web & Mobile development but also design digital products taking into account good UX/UI practices. We specialize in solutions for the betting industry, this is the main, but not the only area of ​​our specialization.

  • Does localization of software company headquarter matter?

    It really depends on your approach. In most cases, cooperation with the software house takes place 100% online. Then the only aspect that may be affected by the location is the time difference, which may slightly impede communication. The exceptions are when you expect direct contact and in-office meetings with your software partner. A given location may be important if you are looking for a company that communicates in a specific language or if you are preparing a product for a selected, specific market. CrustLab is a software house from Poland, but each of our team communicates in English without any problems.

  • How does a software house manage communication with different time zones?

    Usually, cooperation with a software house takes place in one or two weekly rounds, also known as sprints. Each such period is preceded by a meeting during which tasks to be performed are planned. This is the only time when the two sides must actually meet, and the date of this meeting is adjusted to the client’s time zone. The rest of the work performed by the software house is carried out on a project basis, and the client can track the current progress of work with the project management tool (e.g. in Jira). Each project has its own Project Manager, who is at the customer’s disposal all the time in the event of sudden changes, corrections, or unforeseen situations. In addition, with a regularity depending on the arrangements, the software house sends the client updates with the progress of work.

  • What are the advantages of hiring an IT company from Poland?

    According to the latest edition of HackerRank, which includes over 200 countries, Polish developers are in 3rd place on the list of the best developers. Also, Poland is known in the international area as a country that provides one of the best education and development in the IT industry. In every major city, there are universities educating students in this field, and IT companies appreciated in the world, around which local communities gathering developers are created through frequent events, workshops, courses, and more.

  • I do not have fully specified project assumptions, will the software house accept such an order?

    Probably yes, but it will extend the valuation process and it is possible that it will reduce the accuracy of the prepared estimate. The best solution, which often uses software houses, is the organization of paid product workshops, during which you will jointly develop the missing project assumptions. The advantage of such a solution is the possibility of consulting your ideas with professionals and choosing the best solution available.

  • Will the software house advise me?

    Definitely yes. CrustLab as a software house regularly consults the projects of potential customers, often changing their basic assumptions, which translates into lower costs, faster implementation time, or better quality of final products. If you have any doubts with which we can help you – contact us.

  • Does the number of people working in a software house matter?

    Not always, but sometimes large IT companies may find it difficult to maintain a high level of work quality and communication with clients. It may also be the case that giants will not find your small project attractive and will not want to handle it at all. This is not a rule, but you should keep it in mind when choosing a software house. On the other hand, teams of several people usually work on one project. Much more important than the number of employees is the number of case studies from various industries that are in the portfolio of a given IT company.

  • Why do I need to work with a software house if I have an internal IT department?

    There are many reasons why cooperation with a software house may be the right solution for you, even if you have your own IT department. This solution will work if you lack experience, e.g. in a given industry, skills, e.g. in a specific technology, or simply time and resources that can be provided by an external IT company.

  • When is it worth cooperating with a software house?

    Cooperation with a software house is a solution that is worth considering when you do not have your own IT department or its maintenance costs you too much money. It is also a good solution when you want to complete the project faster and need additional hands to work or when you lack knowledge, experience, and skills in a given area.

  • Does the software house support my digital products after the development work is completed?

    It depends on your arrangements. Many software houses, apart from development services, offer further work on the development and maintenance of digital products.

  • How to choose the right software company?

    There are many factors to consider when answering this question. Depending on the project, other factors can be decisive. You should definitely pay attention to Your business goals and product vision, technological stack needed to implement a project, business fit, budget, understanding your needs, opinions of other software house clients, and many more.

  • Will the software house handle my project comprehensively?

    It depends on the services offered and the preferred specialization of the software house. At CrustLab, we support projects comprehensively, from verification and discussion of the idea, through design to development of both the web version and mobile applications, as well as the subsequent support and maintenance of your products, even for many years after launch. We will carry out a complete project or just a selected part of it, depending on your needs.

  • What needs to happen for the software house to fully understand my needs?

    The more information about the project you provide to the software house at the very beginning, the easier it will be to prepare for the project. It is important that you make your project vision clear, including your specific business goals. The functionalities necessary from your perspective, technologies that you intend to use or those that you definitely do not want to use, will also be important. As well as the amount of the budget, the expected time of project implementation, and other requirements you have for the software house.

  • Is the project estimation prepared by the software house payable?

    In most cases, the software house prepares project cost estimates for free. This does not mean that the preparation of the valuation costs nothing. The IT company must spend time verifying assumptions, preparing documentation, planning resources, and the valuation itself. However, software houses do it in good faith, counting on profits from further cooperation. Therefore, when sending an inquiry to a software development company, be prepared and provide as much information as possible that will facilitate this process.

  • Is the confidential data accessed by the software house safe?

    If the information necessary for the implementation of your project contains sensitive data, make sure that your contract with the software house includes a confidentiality agreement. By signing the NDA, you can be sure that your business secrets are safe and that their disclosure will result in a financial penalty.

  • Does the software house have the rights to my project after finishing development?

    CrustLab as a software house is only the contractor of the project. This means that it does not assume ownership after the software is developed. The intellectual property of the project, including the rights to the source code, belongs to the client once development is completed.

  • What are the models of cooperation with a software house?

    There are various models of cooperation with a software house. They can be divided based on the method of billing, the location of the partner developing the software, or the team structure. At CrustLab we can provide you with a dedicated team or extension of your internal IT department. In the first case, your project is implemented by permanently assigned developers, designers, testers, and a project manager. In the second, you hire a specific developer.

  • How does the software house select the team for my project?

    When selecting a team of developers for a given software house project, they are based on the client’s business goals and project assumptions, confronting them with the experience and skills of team members. If your project requires knowledge of specific technologies or experience in implementing solutions from the X industry, software houses select (and sometimes even employ) a person who has such knowledge.

  • What payment models does the software house use?

    Time & materials is the most popular settlement method preferred by software houses. In this model, the customer pays for the time worked by the partner’s team at the rates specified in the contract. The project is divided into specific tasks. Estimation of the time needed for its implementation is based on them. A dedicated team carries out tasks as part of two-week sprints. The number of hours worked is converted into the amount that the software house charges the customer.


    There are also other billing methods with an IT company. Fixed price, in which works are planned and carried out in a manner adapted to the client’s budget, allows you to control the upper limit of expenses. A fee or monthly subscription is a good solution if the scope of cooperation is limited only to maintaining a given system, application, store, or website.