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Introduce new features quickly with the Flutter app development service. Deploy mobile and desktop apps quicker without sacrificing product quality, speed, or security.

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What problems can Flutter app development solve?

Flutter like every technology was invented to simplify and improve our lives. This is also reflected in business, especially in the tech industry or web&mobile applications companies. The creation, maintenance, and development of digital products mean constant changes and new challenges every day. Flutter mobile app development can be handy in solving them.

Get out of the technical debt

The choice of technology in which you will create your mobile application is the key aspect in terms of ensuring quality, high performance, and the possibility to develop the app over the years. Flutter is a modern and reliable technology that guarantees security and quality ahead with great flexibility. Forget tech debt that blocks product development and business growth, and focus on achieving your goals with Flutter development!

The lack of time, budget, and human resources

As we understand your role in the organization, we see it as a constant balance between the desire to create the best possible product, more and more demanding customers, and the company’s board of directors or investors who pressure for chasing financial results and maintaining high ROI. All this is difficult, but you can achieve these goals with the use of proper technology, and a Flutter app, as a cross-platform solution will help you deliver new features on time, with a smaller budget and team. By streamlining the app development process you will save valuable time and reduce the number of specialists needed for its implementation.

Access to experts’ talent pool

According to statista.com, over 40% of all mobile developers know and use Flutter and according to the Stack Overflow survey, 68% of mobile developers claim that Flutter is their favorite programming language. If you want to create a quality product and quickly release its next versions, you need the best Flutter app development company. That’s why you should choose this proven and popular technology with a community of developers from around the world.

Team recruitment and employee satisfaction

By hiring the CrustLab Flutter app development agency you can shorten the formalities related to maintaining a dedicated Product Development Team to a minimum. You no longer need to recruit, make payments each month, or take care of the self-development, satisfaction, and work-life balance of team members. Leave any organizational issues to us, as we provide experienced Flutter developers and system architects able to understand the full vision of your product and are ready to develop from day one. Save valuable time and money, and focus on the development of your business.

How can Flutter application development help your business?

Choose modern, reliable, and flexible technology to ensure the fast implementation of new features to your mobile application. Improve performance and leave the technical debt behind. Use one source code for multiple platforms, including web development, to cut development and maintenance costs. Hire Flutter app developers to deliver the best possible ROI without sacrificing quality.

Get as many users as possible

Use the Flutter mobile app development service to build a multiplatform solution that works fast on iOS, Android, or desktop, and get as many users as possible. By operating in many channels simultaneously, you are not limited to users of one platform, so you can benefit from the full potential of online traffic. What’s more, you increase the availability of your services, so users are able to return to your cross-platform app on any device, whenever they need to. More traffic combined with high user engagement means more customers and higher income!

Introduce new features fast

You have to act fast if you want to stay on top of your competitors. Flutter app development will not only speed up your app development process but also make it more flexible. Iterate quickly while building remarkable products, because it’s the only way to meet users’ needs and keep their attention. Flutter HotReload fits the pattern, as it allows changes made in the product during the development phase to be visible in seconds.

Minimalize costs

Thanks to cross-platform technology you can minimalize operating and development costs. Solutions like Flutter simplify and speed up the app development process so your team can deliver more features in a short time using a single code. Also, the presence in multiple mobile systems such as Android, and iOS, or Windows, macOS, and Linux for web app development requires less code. All this ensures enhanced productivity with a smaller budget. 

Close-to-native User Experience

The technology has been improved by a community of 2 million developers continuously since its release in May 2017. From that point on, Flutter has come a long way from clunky technology, that couldn’t measure up to native solutions, to exceptional and close-to-native User Experience and User Interface design, which is quite impressive. In 2022 the Software Development Kit includes libraries of ready-made layouts, custom visuals, and interactive widgets for producing responsible designs that can be easily adapted for multiple devices or screen resolutions. All of this, combined with beautiful animations, works fast and the average user probably can’t even recognize they are not using the native app.

Flutter benefits

Flutter is an extensive cross-platform app development framework that can bring huge value to your business. Once again have a look at the best Flutter development benefits that let you create a stable and functional mobile application.

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Flutter development means using one technology for the web, mobile, and desktop. Reach the full potential of Internet traffic with a single app.

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Simplify the development process

By working on a single codebase you can shorten the time needed for the development and minimalize the number of devs involved in the project.

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Native features

With Flutter you can use native hardware features in your application, but also performance and UX offered by this technology are very close to those of native apps.

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Iterate quickly

And deploy faster with less code. Add new features easily and quickly thanks to flexible and modern technology.

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Well-developed TechStack

All tools and documentation needed for development: VSCode, Android Studio with plugins, Pub.dev Flutter and Dart packages, Flutter repo, and debugging tools.

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Community support

Support from a global network of devs, who are constantly solving problems and creating documentation or new tools.

Mobile app development services

CrustLab as a mobile app development company provides all types of mobile app development services. We can create a native mobile application for iOS or Android as well as cross-platform apps using Flutter. Our offer includes custom mobile app development from scratch or taking over the work on your existing mobile applications. Working with us, you work with the latest technologies.

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iOS native app development

Create an outstanding native iOS mobile app. Trust our iOS development experts to build modern, stable, and high-performant native applications from scratch.

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Android native app development

Build an Android-native mobile app that your customers will fall in love with. Security, high performance, and using the full potential of native features will lead you to success.

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Custom mobile app development

Difficult industries require unusual solutions. Achieve your business goals thanks to the custom mobile app development service and create a mobile application that will stand out from the competition.

Trusted by leading brands

There is no better recommendation than the opinion of a satisfied customer. See what founders and managers say about cooperation with CrustLab.

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Hi, I’m Adam – CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experiences with you and talk about the challenges you are facing! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

Hi, I’m Adam – CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experiences with you and talk about the challenges you are facing! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In this section, we have collected questions that are repeated during conversations with customers, and we have explained some key terms that may raise doubts. We hope you find the information below helpful. If you have any questions, please write to us!

    • What is Flutter?

      Flutter is an open-source UI framework launched by Google. It enables the development of cross-platform applications for a wide range of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Flutter is designed for building mobile, web, and desktop apps from a single codebase.

      Although Flutter is a cross-platform solution, applications developed in this framework are characterized by a close-to-native User Experience.

    • Which programming language is used in Flutter development?

      Flutter applications are written in Dart – an object-oriented language optimized for client apps. The Dart virtual machine and the underlying graphics framework are created in C/C++.

      Dart’s adoption of the hot reload feature facilitates productive development. Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to introduce modifications into a running application and see the results immediately.

    • What functionalities does Flutter programming include?
      • React-style framework
      • 2D rendering engine that is well suited for mobile devices and provides good text support
      • APIs for unit and integration tests
      • Wide collection of widgets using iOS and Material Design
      • Developing, testing, and compiling your apps with command lines
      • DevTools for app profiling, testing, and debugging
      • Testing on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms using a headless test runner
    • What level of programming knowledge is needed to run Flutter apps?

      Since the Dart language is based on C/C++, a piece of prior knowledge and experience in working with native programming languages, such as Java, Kotlin, and Swift, will be a head start. Knowing these languages will help in comprehending how Flutter functions altogether.

      Yet, even programmers who simply have a basic grasp of imperative and object-oriented programming ideas will be able to use the Flutter framework.

    • Is Flutter the only cross-platform technology?

      According to Statista, Flutter is the youngest and most popular cross-platform app development framework. But it is not the only cross-platform solution available on the market. 

      The greatest competition for the Flutter framework is React Native based on JavaScript. Cordova, Ionic, and Xamarin also have fans, but their market share is dropping. Other cross-platform technologies include Unity, NativeScript, PhoneGap, Kotlin Multiplatform, Apache Flex, Kendo UI, Kivy, and many more.

      However, Flutter is the one most often chosen by top flutter app development companies due to its popularity, versatility, and flexibility.