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PelviFly - Healthcare cross-platform mobile app development

Creation of a cross-platform mobile app for end-users and a custom web application for coaches and administrators. The system introduces the gaming experience into a professional medical treatment to start training pelvic floor muscles for women of all ages.

PelviFly – Innovative medical start-up

PelviFly is a Polish company operating in the healthcare industry in Central and Western Europe. With a small team on board, PelviFly works with a network of coaches and well-educated specialists in medicine and physiotherapy. The result of their work is over 20,000 women who regularly train their pelvic floor muscles with PelviFly’s product. The PelviFly product took 1st place in the Women Startup Competition Europe 2017 and was awarded Top disruptors in healthcare by the Review of Innovative Medical Start-ups in Poland 2020. Their collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Gabriel Herman, the Co-Founder of PelviFly.

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PelviFly cross-platform mobile app challenges

Both PelviFly’s web platform and the cross-platform mobile app have existed for several years. Moreover, the application was refreshed in 2017. When we took over this project, the main challenge was to further develop and add new functionalities to both the admin panel and the training games programs, perform maintenance, and fix any bugs that existed.

The PelviFly team had a plan to expand the application. The planned exposure to new European markets such as Great Britain, Germany, and Hungary drove the introduction of new functionalities.

One of the project’s goals was to implement new features and collect feedback from users to fully understand the product’s current situation and problems faced by users, then set possible directions for further developing the cross-platform mobile app and web portal.

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How we build a cross-platform mobile app

The technical side of the PelviFly project is entirely created and managed by the CrustLab team. We were working on both a cross-platform mobile application and a web-based portal. As part of this project, we provided services such as web development, mobile development, front-end development, back-end development, UX design, UI design, and maintenance. 

During our cooperation, we introduced several improvements for end-users (women of all ages), administrators (a team of coaches, medics, and physiotherapists cooperating with PelviFly), and the system itself. The most significant change to the system was creating three new types of games (i.e. interactive exercise sets), building foundations for integrating new kinds of hardware devices, creating a panel for Pelvicoachs allowing automatic commission calculation, and integration with CRM and automated invoicing system.

PelviFly products owe their growing popularity to cooperation with a network of specialized coaches, and collaboration with them is an essential element of the company’s development strategy. Therefore, to facilitate the team of experts’ presentation, we have added the possibility to create an account for a coach and introduce an attractive presentation of knowledge and experience that a given person offers. In the panel for administrators, there are options such as the possibility to assign exercises, a preview of results and reports, plus a search engine facilitating access to information.
One of the most significant changes from the end-user perspective is the alerting system. Exercising women are kept informed about their progress or anomalies during training sessions, and the coach may send such notifications too. There was also an option to purchase an additional consultation from a selected coach and pay with a bank card attached to the application. Another facilitation is the creation of a more straightforward contact form for new users.

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The result of work on the PelviFly project is an increase in the number of cross-platform mobile app users by 25% and an improvement in the operating speed by 15%. We have added dozens of new functionalities to the admin panel, and we are continually working on maintaining the system and eliminating bugs.

During this cooperation, we managed to prepare the product for PelviFly’s expansion into foreign markets, and we also optimized the software to be able to add new devices.

Additional benefits for PelviFly resulting from cooperation with CrustLab include consulting and advice on product development and selection of new functionalities to be business-friendly and, most importantly, profitable.

Summarizing the work done, PalviFly can test new solutions with the updated system, collect feedback from users, draw conclusions, and plan amendments or further development directions. Because of the complexity of planned features, a new generation of mobile applications will be required. The plan is to create native Android and iOS mobile apps instead of a cross-platform mobile app.

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