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Product Design

Product Design

Effective user experience design is the key thing in every app. We will lead you through the entire product design process. Before an implementation phase, we organize a series of meetings in order to understand your needs, verify your idea and introduce our team to design your digital product.

By creating a product from scratch our analyst and UX design expert create a low-fidelity product’s mockups just to present and validate the user journey. This process reduces risk and improves efficiency. This is also an introduction to build a sophisticated and user-friendly UI.

Trying to find a satisfying direction, we create high fidelity mockups that are an exact reflection of the final product. We understand that a well-designed and elegant user interface of web or mobile app is a critical factor from a consumer perspective.

Completing the design and development phases, you gain full ownership of the product. By choosing to work with CrustLab, you get a free project estimation and a two-week test period if you need to verify our skills and style of work.

Full stack product design process

Ideation - CrustLab

The cognitive process, thanks to which we verify your product idea and advise on the best solutions.

Design - CrustLab

Our designers create low fidelity mockups and after your approval - final vision of your product.

Production - CrustLab

Source code of your product is created based on previously designed mockups.

Improvements - CrustLab

Even finished product needs improvements based on user behaviour and opinions.

Product design case studies - read more about our products design

Sportech online betting platform

Next generation of multi-tenant Horse Racing betting system hosted by one of the biggest players in the betting industry.

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on production during the Triple Crown

16 → 24


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as of 31/01/2020

241% increase in number weekly sessions per user

ICEO - Android widget application

Development of Android widget application which allows the user to follow the cryptocurrencies rates in realtime.

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of required network resources

85% → 99%

stable sessions




of widget optimization

Pretta - project management
pretta logo

Project management

Cost estimation

Pretta - project management iOS application

Readable and easy to use even for lay people iOS application designed to optimize project management processes.

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time needed to create the estimation



of estimation

Product design

Product design
Product workshops

Product workshops

We validate your product idea or help you develop it from scratch. If you don't know which functionalities are absolutely necessary and which can be added later, you can rely on our experience. During product workshops, we will determine the scope of work and project valuation, then choose the appropriate technologies and the best team.

UI Design

UI Design

The design of user interfaces for applications, software and computerized devices with focus on looks. Main challenge for UI design is to make users actions as simple and efficient as possible and encourages users to use interface features. The process not only balance technical and visual elements, but also makes product flexible enough to adjustments to users suggestions.

UX Design

UX Design

Is a complementary field to UI design determined how users interact with the app interface. Main challenge for UX design is to make using the application smooth, intuitive, easy, logical and pleasant.

Product design cooperation model

You choose the cooperation model yourself

Dedicated team - CrustLab

We can provide you with a dedicated team

Extension of your IT

Extension of your internal IT department

Product design for business

Product design for business

Thoughtful, carefully made and compliant with the UX / UI principles design of your product can have a key impact on the success of your business. We have experience in the design of web and mobile applications, sports totalizers, self-service cash registers, free-standing terminals and gambling machines. We are pleased to design for you the interface of any device that uses your product. We are at your disposal regardless of whether you need a dedicated solution created from scratch or you want to redesign your current digital products - fill in the contact form and let’s talk.

How much product design cost?

How much product design cost?

Are you wondering how much your product design will cost? Fill in the contact form and receive a free estimate. We value each project individually, and the valuation process itself is easy and transparent: - first, we discover your needs and requirements - then we convert the list of requirements into user stories - after that, we estimate time required to finish stories - based on time and required resources we are ready to send you our offer.

Technologies we use in product design

Product design technology Adobe
Sketch / Adobe XD / Figma

Prototyping, vector-based tools for user experience design.

Product design technology Adobe CC
Adobe CC

Set of apps and services used for graphic design.

Product design technology After Effect
After Effects / Lottie

Visual effects, motion graphics and compositing.

Adam Gontarz - CEO of CrustLab

Hi, I'm Adam - CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experience and talk about challenges you are facing! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

Why do you need to hire CrustLab as a product design partner?

Product design partner

Our company has three founders and one of them is always involved in your project,

because designing every single product is just as important to us.

We are flexible when it comes to team composition or cooperation model -

first of all we can help you to design product requirements and specification, you can have a dedicated digital product designer. We can also support your internal design team - whatever you need to design your digital product.

+10 projects implemented in the betting industry -

focus on horseracing, sports betting, online casinos and retail. We’ve designed products for a products like self service terminals, web and mobile apps. We have a lot of experience in this area but the scope of our portfolio is wider - we love designing products for: e-commerce, trading platforms, investment software, medtech (healthcare), blockchain or custom CRM/CMS.

We will serve your project comprehensively -

starting from strategic and product design workshops, frontend and backend development to maintenance or even marketing activities.

What additional values do you gain through having CrustLab as a product design partner?

Free project estimate and deep understanding of your needs

before the project starts - this is your first saving you get thanks to cooperation with CrustLab.

Transparency and ease of communication

(100% office-based team) - when we work on your digital product you have access to Issue Tracking Tool - JIRA, project documentation on Confluence, Slack channel dedicated to your project (but all binding provisions we determine by email). You can also contact directly with every member of the team, not only the Project Manager.

Proactive approach and project workshops -

we are not waiting for a ready-made action plan, we are here to help you in creation of product strategy and making the key decisions.

Excellent technical skills and work done on time -

are something that our clients always emphasize in the testimonials.


sensitive information and shared data regarding the project or your company are secure and protected by the law.

We follow the main principles of Agile and Lean management -

we strive to ensure that the methodology of work allows us to achieve satisfying results.

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Trusted by leading brands

Sportech logo

CrustLab consistently adds value to our organization in many ways. We've received very positive feedback on the system CrustLab has delivered. Our customers regard it as an excellent product. Our experience working with them has far exceeded those of other vendors.

Scott Watterson

Director of Digital Development

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We take advantage of CrustLab's experience in the field of payments, new functionalities and user-friendly design. The development process itself ran smoothly and according to plan. It was important for us to complete the project on time, so I cannot imagine a better partner for this project.

Agata Kołodyńska

Director of Operations in Nowe Motywacje

Start working on your product design right away!


Contact us

Contact us

Fill out the contact form, briefly describe your project or ask us a question.


Discovery call

Discovery call

Adam - our CEO will arrange a video meeting with you in order to clarify the project assumptions.


Project estimation

Project estimation

On the basis of the collected information, we will prepare an estimate of the costs and duration of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we have collected questions that are repeated during conversations with customers, and we have explained some key terms that may raise doubts. We hope you find the information below helpful. If you have any questions, please write to us!

What is a product design service?

The product design service aims to create a final product for a business that will be sold to its customers. By creating a product one should understand much more than the development process itself. This term also includes the phase of ideation, which consists of a thorough analysis of ideas and assumptions of the project, such as specific functionalities, methods of monetization, or a promotion strategy and reaching a selected target group. Only knowing these arrangements does the product designer design the graphic layer by creating the User Interface, and arrange all previously selected functionalities in it. Product design requires close cooperation of a graphic designer, developers, and the owners of the project, which may or may not be the client himself.

What are the stages of product design?

The product design process may vary in different companies. In CrustLab product design consists of several phases and includes activities such as: Verification of project ideas and assumptions - defining the proper shape and functionality of the product, division of work into individual tasks and determining the order of their implementation. Design of the MVP version - this stage does not always occur in the process, but often the creation of a Minimum Viable Product is the starting point for further product development. Design of the graphic layer - is related to the frontend layer used by the end user, it includes the colors and shape of individual elements, but most of all it consists of designing a positive User Experience and nicely looking User Interface.

Once the product design stages are done, all project assumptions depicted by the designer in the form of mockups or clickable prototype with user interactions and motion design, are passed the developer (or team of developers) who writes the code and creates the actual product.

Who is involved in product design?

A group of several people with different skills and roles in the project usually participate in the product design process. Among them are:

  • Customer - a person who has an idea for a product.
  • Project Manager - a person working on the software house side who manages the entire product design process and all team members.
  • Designer - one or several depending on the size of the project - the person responsible for prototyping and UX/UI design.
  • Developer - a technical person who uses the knowledge of the technology selected for the implementation of the product to write the source code.
  • Tester - a technical person who checks the product written by the developer using manual or automatic tests, looking for errors or inaccuracies in relation to the planned solutions.

It is not a rigid division of roles. It happens that all these people work together, but depending on the project, some positions may be filled by employees of the client's internal IT department or, for example, the design may be prepared by an external agency. At CrustLab, we provide full product design service with the support of specialists in every area.

What is the difference between Product Design and Software Development?

Product Design and Software Development are the phases two custom software development interfere with each other. Once Product Design is finished, you should expect to receive the following: Product Canvas Description of personas User Journey Map Prioritization chart Clickable prototype Visual Design - User Interfaces and Motion Design Based on that materials developers act as a key team during the Software Development phase. In a timeline, Product Design needs to be started before the Software Development phase but it does not have to be finished - developers could start the creation of your mobile application, web service or some custom software before the design phase is complete. On the other hand, the design could change a little during development, based on technical feedback from the software developers.

What does your design team and their experience in app design look like?

CrustLab employs graphic designers with more than 5 years of experience in designing mobile applications and UX/UI design of platforms operating in a web browser. Their experiences coincide with the focus and portfolio of projects implemented by CrustLab. Our product designers not only worked on betting, health care, e-learning and financial app design but also on apps for other industries. Technology-wise, they know how to design UX/UI for iOS apps, Android apps and Web services. When we design apps for an industry in which we do not have enough experience, we support ourselves with the help of constant and proven external partners.

Should I choose one company for product design and further development?

This state of affairs definitely makes work easier. Designers and developers are often two completely different personality types and work styles. The problems of communication between these two groups are nothing new, although they usually do not arise from the malice of one or the other. By outsourcing product design and further development to one company, you can be sure that you have done everything to facilitate cooperation between designers and developers. It is much easier for them to communicate when working in one office. If team members have experience in working together and know what mistakes to avoid.

Will you implement the project if I have ready-made mockups designed for the application?

IT companies do not always decide to implement such projects, however, development based on mockups prepared by the client is possible. This type of project will require cooperation between developers and designers who designed mockups. Communication, regular meetings and shared tools to track project posts will be important. On the other hand, communication problems in such cooperation may be associated with extending the work on creating a product and increasing the total cost of the design product.

What is the difference between web app design and mobile app design?

The main difference between web app design and mobile app design is the type of device it is run on. The first one works directly in the browser, so the web app design must primarily be adapted to high-resolution monitors. However, mobile phones also use browsers, so web app design should meet Responsive Web Design assumptions. Another difference is technology. Web applications are mainly created using JavaScript, CSS and HTML5, while mobile applications, depending on the operating system, use technologies such as Kotlin, Java, BLE, Swift, SwiftUI, Flutter and React Native. Mobile app design for iOS or Android may differ and require a different skillset from UX/UI designers as well.

What is a Responsive Web Design?

RWD is a way of designing web applications and websites, thanks to which they work regardless of the device. The layout of such applications is flexible and adjusts its shape to the size of the device used on an ongoing basis, in order to maintain a clear and intuitive User Interface. Responsive Web Design aims to provide users with access and comfort of using their favorite applications at any time. RWD is a response to the popularity and importance of smartphones in our everyday life.

What are product workshops?

Product workshop is a service during which software development experts from CrustLab work with you on the vision of your digital product. Depending on how advanced your idea is, we help you develop a design, clarify individual functionalities or advise you in choosing the right technology. Product workshops can also be helpful in developing the assumptions of the strategic product side, developing a budget or selecting a team. Product workshops are a good opportunity to meet and test specialists from the IT company you have chosen to collaborate on product design. Such meetings are usually divided into several meetings for a few hours and are attended by designers, developers, product owners and the client with employees.

When do I need product workshops?

Product workshops are a great solution when your product plans are not fully defined yet. When only an idea sprouts in your head, but you do not know how to monetize the product or how to reach the target group, ask specialists who have designed applications many times for advice. During the product workshop, you will learn which technology to choose for the project and which of your ideas are too expensive. Product workshops are also a good and relatively cheap way to test the skills and work style of the company you want to hire to design a product.

What is UI design?

UI design is an area of design that focuses on the appearance and usability of user interfaces. UI design is often used in the design of web or mobile applications and wherever the user has to deal with the interface, i.e. in most cases when it comes to digital products. Good UI design is thoughtful. It allows you to interact with the product in a simple and intuitive way and makes users use the interface features instinctively. A good UI designer, in addition to a sense of aesthetics, knowledge of trends and graphic programs and design skills, should also have skills such as: conducting research, data analysis and statistics, and a lot of empathy.

What is UX design?

UX design is a field of design that complements the concept of UI design. It is very similar, but in its essence it focuses not on the interface itself, but on the impressions of users who use this interface. Main challenge for UX design is to make using the application smooth, intuitive, easy, logical and pleasant. UX design is often used in the design of web and mobile applications and everywhere on the Internet, but not only. UX design is used in various aspects of our lives and is designed to make it easier for us to use devices of various types so that we can leave a pleasant feeling after it.

What is mockups design?

Designing mockups is an inseparable element of product design. It is a service that can be performed by product designers working in the software house, who is responsible for the overall implementation of the project, or by an external design agency. Designing mockups can be divided into two rounds. The first is the design of low fidelity mockups, which only indicate the location of individual elements. The second is the design of high fidelity mockups, which are much more accurate and show not only the placement of elements, but also their exact dimensions, colors and mode of operation. Based on the designed mockups, developers write the source code of the application or software and create the final version of the product.

What is mobile first design?

Mobile first design is a design approach, which aims to help index the application or website in the Google search engine. According to Google reports, more and more people use the Internet using mobile devices every year. As a result, Google introduces a requirement that each website or web application should be optimized so that it can be used with a smartphone. Mobile first design is a way of designing web applications with a view to correctly displaying the product first on a mobile device, and then in a web browser.

What is MVP design?

MVP means Minimum Viable Product and this is the initial version of your product which only contains the functionalities necessary to launch the product to the market. MVP design is the process of designing such a version of the product. It is used in many cases, including when you want to test your idea as soon as possible and collect feedback from users to be able to create the next version. Often, MVP design is used in situations where the client has a limited budget and can only afford the basic version of the product, thanks to which he will try to raise funds for further development.

What technologies do you use for product design?

There are a lot of tools, also free ones, for prototyping applications and preparing mockups of digital products. When we work on the design of a product, we use various tools, depending on the project, the preferences of the people involved, or the arrangements with the client. The permanent sets of technologies that we use in product design include: Adobe CC, Sketch / Adobe XD / Figma, After Effects / Lottie and more.

How product design helps in business?

Compliant with the principles of UX/UI, thoughtful and carefully made design can bring a lot to your business. You can use the design product in the design of websites, web applications and mobile applications. Thanks to the product design service, you will successfully plan not only the appearance, functionality, way of implementing your application, but also its business goals, strategy to reach the target group or possible methods of monetization. At CrustLab, we have experience in designing web and mobile applications, sports totalizers, self-service cash registers, free-standing terminals and slot machines.

How much does the product design cost?

There is no single answer to the question of product design costs, because each project is priced individually. The price of a product design is influenced by several factors, but most of all it results from the size of the team and the working time that individual specialists have to spend on its implementation. Product design costs will be different if we involve more than one designer. If the project concerns a mobile application, the entire process will be different, depending on the technology that the customer decides. For an accurate quote for your product, please contact us.

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