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CrazyBet – Crypto Casino with Custom Frontend & Social Features

Delve into the genesis of a standalone crypto casino platform infused with immersive gaming aspects and vibrant social interactions.

About the Project

Seeking first-rate quality and flexibility, CrazyBet needed our iGaming expertise to build a crypto casino with a strong focus on the social aspect.

Developing the casino from scratch, not only did we construct the back office but also enriched the platform with a fully custom frontend characterized by a unique gaming-style design.

An array of captivating slot games from SOFTSWISS and Alea, complemented by social and gamification elements, ensure lasting engagement.

Discover why our solution is rocking the online gambling world.

Services: Web Development, Casino Software Development, Product Design

The Client

CrazyBet is a groundbreaker in the dynamic online casino world, operating at the intersection of gaming and crypto.

With its strong focus on gamification and user engagement, the company introduces a whole new level of interactive and strongly immersive gaming experience.

CrazyBet combines gaming-inspired design, social networking, and influencer-focused marketing in one all-embracing crypto casino platform.

Considering their unique business model, along with the passion and drive behind it, we are truly thrilled to work with CrazyBet and contribute to this trailblazing venture.

CrazyBet about the client

Our Goal

Inspired by the client’s vision of a distinct crypto casino solution fostering a vibrant community of players and streamers, we aimed to create a comprehensive platform with winning features inspired by industry giants such as BetFury, Rollbit, Stake, and Gamdom.

In the face of intense competition in the gambling arena, we knew that a basic solution wouldn’t cut it. To intrigue players with social aspects and gaming elements rarely seen in traditional online casino platforms, we had to build CrazyBet’s core system and a custom frontend from scratch.


Developing such comprehensive software presented considerable challenges from both project management and technical perspective. To meet the client’s high expectations of the casino’s functionality and appearance, we had to go above and beyond, presenting a unique approach to delivery.

Harmonizing Efficiency and Quality

The vast scope of fully custom platform development, packed with unique features, demanded smart and agile project management. Balancing the workload and pace while upholding the highest quality of solutions was our priority.

Mastering the Art of Tech Details

The creation of a backend that could handle the demanding scalability and reliability requirements emerged as a pivotal challenge. It required meticulous attention to every aspect, from the underlying infrastructure and database design to the details of the overall system architecture.

Crafting Stunning Design

The platform’s design demanded absolute uniqueness, embodying the best of both worlds – the thrill of gambling and the excitement of gaming rivalry. It not only had to enthrall the player in the dark mode but also seamlessly guide them from one point to another with captivating visuals.

Streamlining Transactions

Although we relied on a third-party service, navigating the complexities of the transactional system was our sole responsibility. It demanded foresight into transaction concurrency, the assurance of rock-solid security measures, the implementation of seamless event auditing, and the conquering of high-precision numerical operations.

Promoting Multicurrency Wallet

For a flawless crypto payment experience, we decided to infuse the platform with a robust payment gateway supplied by CoinsPaid. But since the designated game suppliers provided only a limited selection of cryptocurrency-compatible games, we also had to enable fiat currency transactions by integrating CrazyBet with PaymentIQ.

Establishing Third-party Synergy

We enabled swift data exchange with the casino’s backend which proved pivotal for integrating with an array of third-party services. Among them were the industry-recognized game aggregators SOFTSWISS and Alea, the KYC compliance solution Sumsub, and the dynamic email functionality of Sendpost.

CrazyBet challenges

The Scope of Work

Striving to fulfill the client’s objectives, we couldn’t compromise the product’s quality. Every line of code and every interaction had to be polished to perfection. Thus, we used the Agile methodology and the Scrum framework to achieve an optimal balance between excellence and timely delivery.

Product Discovery Phase

This phase was divided into three parallel streams of work, thoroughly designed to encompass both technical and business aspects of the project, as well as unique features.

Technical Architecture & Software Development

In the first stream, we prioritized designing the system’s architecture. This entailed creating a robust system core structure that emphasized scalability, performance, and adaptability for future enhancements. This technical groundwork laid the foundation for seamless casino software development ahead.

Business Analysis & Goals Planning

Subsequently, we began a comprehensive vision and goals-mapping process. Conducting in-depth business analysis, we took inspiration from renowned platforms like GiG, Betforge, and Amelco

Our research also involved investigating features implemented on popular betting sites like BetFury, Rollbit, Stake, Gamdom, Pasino,, and others alike. This helped us understand the current landscape and strategically shape the core of the platform to set it apart in the competitive market.

Player Rankings & Tournaments Design

We dedicated the last stage to advising our client on designing player rankings and tournament features. Our focus was on creating a unique and engaging system that adds a competitive and exciting twist to the platform. We also reviewed other features not commonly found on betting sites, focusing on the uniqueness and differentiation of CrazyBet.

UX/UI Design

As Product Discovery helped us understand the client-specific needs and ensure our plans aligned with their business objectives, we could smoothly transition to Product Design.

In this pivotal step, we unlocked the true potential of CrazyBet, crafting a comprehensive and dynamic platform. Our mission was to design the back office, a control center that empowers seamless management of the platform’s various aspects.

This foundation became the driving force behind CrazyBet’s efficiency, ensuring every element worked in perfect harmony to deliver an unparalleled betting experience.

Product Development

Our next stop involved materializing the vision into a tangible outcome. Starting with a blank slate, we formulated functional requirements and set out to execute the development process according to the Agile methodology.

The development scope was extensive, including the creation of unique chat functionality, a multi-tiered player rank progression system, an array of bonus features, an innovative affiliation program for player promotion, and a fully customized back-office for effective casino management.

Mapping the Journey

We kicked off the process with sprint planning. As we delved into this grand project, filled with numerous features waiting to be developed, our meticulous blueprinting was the key to success. We prioritized tasks, breaking them down into manageable units, and assigning them to the relevant teams.

Laying the Foundation

At the heart of the team’s efforts was the setup of the platform’s core incorporating the PAM system and transaction management facilities. To fill the platform’s portfolio with captivating slot games, we handled integrations with SOFTSWISS, the prestigious casino content provider.

Due to the unique requirements of the data integrator, we had to develop custom scripts for each game supplier, including BGAMING, Betsoft, ELK, Evolution Gaming, Evoplay Entertainment, iSoftbet, Nolimit City, Novomatic, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and many more.

Following that, we ensured KYC compliance with Sumsub, simplified fiat transactions with PaymentIQ, and provided a seamless crypto payment experience with CoinsPaid.

Crafting Visual Aesthetics

While implementing the designs, we strived for perfection, leaving no detail overlooked. Although we explored the possibilities of a UI Toolkit during the discovery phase, our pursuit of a truly unique look and feel called for special solutions. Consequently, our React.js specialists built the custom frontend entirely on their own, resulting in spectacular effects going beyond the limitations of pre-made libraries.

Assuring Superior Quality

Our Quality Assurance team took center stage throughout the entire development process, conducting rigorous testing procedures to guarantee the utmost reliability and performance. They ran regular code reviews and performance tests, leaving no room for inferior outcomes. Thanks to this eagle eye, we caught and addressed potential issues before they caused a hiccup.

Establishing Close Collaboration

In the spirit of Agile Development, the client’s team became an integral part of every step in the process. Through regular meetings, we showcased our progress, eagerly collected their valuable feedback, and swiftly made necessary changes. This iterative approach let us align perfectly with CrazyBet’s expectations, ensuring that the end product remained faithful to their vision.

Thanks to such close collaboration, we also fostered a solid partnership, suggesting the most effective approaches for delivery based on the team’s capacity and business value.

Core Features & System Components

Starting from scratch, we assembled the casino piece by piece to provide fellow gamblers with a one-of-a-kind user experience, security, and performance. Check some of the features that make it worth a play.

Extensive Casino Games Offering

Thanks to our strategic partnerships with industry-leading providers like SOFTSWISS and Alea, we enabled CrazyBet crypto casino to offer an extensive range of captivating gaming options. We continuously expand their offerings to keep up with the latest trends and provide endless excitement for players of all tastes.

Flexible Bonus Management

CrazyBet unlocks the world of enticing perks thanks to the integration with SOFTSWISS’s Bonus API combined with our inventive logic. Players can enjoy free spins and free money bonuses customized based on deposit amount or wagering. The ultimate mix of both brings an extraordinary gaming adventure that attracts thousands of users.

Interactive Chat

The chat feature enriches gambling entertainment with lively conversations, making CrazyBet a social network center. Through the incorporation of unique avatars, effective filtering of vulgarities and spam in messages, and the possibility of giving tips, we created a friendly environment, encouraging users to revisit, interact, and play games even more.

Rank Progression System

In CrazyBet, every transaction counts, boosting the total wager and the player’s status. Thanks to real-time updates, users can immediately level up to a VIP rank. Play and enjoy free spins, refunds, early bonus payout, unique badges, and a wide selection of avatars to personalize your gaming journey.

Admin Dashboard

On the back office side, we developed an extensive dashboard that consolidates crucial information about the casino’s performance to enable data-driven business decisions. The administrator gains valuable insights into profitability based on detailed reports, starting from GGR and NGR to all bet calculations per user, game, provider, country, and game category.

Robust Operations Record

For absolute system security, every back office operation is recorded and presented in the comprehensive Audit Log to ensure maximum integrity. We also fortified the withdrawal approval process and equipped the system with an alert mechanism to detect thwarting activities early on.

Smooth User Verification

Discover the perfect blend of regulation compliance and convenience with our integrated Know Your Customer (KYC) process. By partnering with Sumsub, we provided players with a simple and secure identity verification solution, allowing for swift withdrawals while securing adherence to gambling laws.

Multi-currency Wallet

From cryptocurrencies to fiat payment methods, CrazyBet offers diverse options to suit every user’s preference. We leveraged the power of PaymentIQ for smooth fiat currency transactions and Coinspaid for secure and efficient crypto processing.

Responsible Gambling

Promoting the value of choice and responsibility in gambling, we enriched CrazyBet with temporary self-exclusion and account closure features. These tools align with regulatory requirements and serve as protective measures, effectively reducing the potential risks associated with gambling.

Affiliation Program

Our advanced affiliation system leverages the power of player promotion. Not just CrazyBet’s users, but also Twitch streamers and YouTubers can quickly boost their earnings by tapping into the default affiliate campaign available upon registration or creating their own campaigns for even greater rewards. Thanks to profitability insights, they can stay in control and withdraw their funds when needed.


The culmination of our efforts has resulted in a final product that not only excels at innovation, reliability, and security but also stands as a testament to outstanding iGaming software development.

An Illustration of iGaming Mastery

By adhering to the most stringent industry standards, we have crafted a platform that guarantees an unparalleled user experience, setting new benchmarks in the world of online gaming.

Building the whole platform from scratch, we scrutinized every aspect to make it a real standout in the market. This dedication to genuine excellence allowed us to craft a self-reliant solution that brings about impactful change with its diverse range of functionalities and capabilities.

  • An extensive selection of top-tier slot games
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals in multiple crypto and fiat currencies 
  • Eye-catching and user-friendly interface
  • A robust architecture that ensures exceptional performance
  • Compliant with all regulatory requirements
  • Adhering to industry-best software development practices
  • Inspired by renowned brands and their top-notch solutions

Empowering CrazyBet’s Success

As a committed partner to CrazyBet, we’ve also played a pivotal role in helping them achieve their ambitious goals. Our holistic approach pushed us to leave no stone unturned to ensure the platform’s ultimate success. Here’s what we brought to the table.

Consultation-Infused Expertise

CrazyBet thrived by harnessing our expertise in the iGaming industry, our insight into market trends, and our understanding of player preferences. Rather than merely imitating successful platforms, we used them as inspiration to shape CrazyBet’s unique strategy and feature set. Our role was pivotal in enabling them to navigate the landscape successfully.

Technical Excellence

We established a robust technical foundation for the CrazyBet platform, employing a cutting-edge tech stack that featured MongoDB, Redis, Kafka, and other advanced tools. This carefully chosen combination ensured the platform’s exceptional scalability, speed, and reliability.

Innovative Solutions

Our design and development teams brought innovative solutions to CrazyBet’s distinctive challenges. Whether it was the chat, rank progression system, or bonus features, we ensured that CrazyBet stood out in the crowded online casino market.

Collaborative Approach

We worked closely with CrazyBet throughout the whole process. From the intensive business analysis and vision mapping to the iterative development process, we maintained open and frequent communication, integrating their feedback and ideas into the platform.

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