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BETFAN – Sportsbook Web & Mobile UI

Innovative sportsbook UI that transforms betting on web and mobile platforms into an exceptional experience. Delivered for one of the top legal bookmakers in Poland.

About the project

BETFAN needed to upgrade its offering with modern and visually attractive sportsbook frontends. The ultimate objective was to implement and test a completely new version of a sportsbook UI before the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ to guarantee it could handle an increased volume of traffic generated by the event without downtime. Our task was to help BETFAN achieve that goal by developing a custom sportsbook interface and associated mobile apps.

Technologies: TypeScript, React with Redux, Nest.js, Kotlin.

Services: Code Audit, Web App Development, Native Android App Development, Native iOS App Development, and Maintenance.

The client

Since its launch in 2018, BETFAN has emerged as one of the top 6 licensed sportsbook operators in Poland, committed to delivering a premium betting experience while prioritizing responsible gambling practices.

What sets the company apart is a wide range of betting options, user-friendly technology, and a customer-focused approach, which allows it to generate satisfactory NGR year by year.

BETFAN aspires to dominate the Polish betting industry by offering unique entertainment on an all-encompassing betting platform that exceeds industry standards.


BETFAN initiated the collaboration after an unsuccessful partnership with a company that lacked industry experience, team stability, and necessary client focus. Faced with the risk of potential failure, the client handed the project over to CrustLab because we specialized in iGaming development and had a track record of successful deliveries.

Our objective was to address the technical and operational issues BETFAN was currently dealing with and put the updated sportsbook UI into use. The primary challenge was to deploy the system adjustments before the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ and ensure the newly introduced UI performed as expected.

Technical challenges

Amid several challenges, a pivotal focus was ensuring a deployment process that would seamlessly integrate with ongoing games, ensuring no disruption for current players. Other crucial challenges included:

Technical debt reduction

In addressing technical debt, a thorough code audit, refactoring, and library updates were essential to boost system performance and maintainability.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

To scale the app’s infrastructure robustly to handle a significant surge in traffic, ensuring a seamless gaming experience amid the heightened global frenzy.

Multi-platform UI Distribution

Deployment across various platforms – web app (mobile and desktop), along with native Android and iOS apps.


BETFAN aspired to expand its market share by delivering a fun and secure betting experience supported by excellent customer service. By providing a clean and intuitive interface with the option to switch between bright and dark modes, they aimed to improve the User Experience, keeping players engaged for longer.

Refreshed UI combined with an extensive range of betting options, like live betting and customized events, was supposed to satisfy even the most demanding bettors.

Given the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, our main focus was to complete the core version of the system before the event’s inauguration.


We had to work quickly and effectively to provide a complete version of the sportsbook web UI as planned. To streamline the delivery, we followed our standard development procedure.


The cooperation started with a brief source code review. This gave us a thorough overview of the project’s status and the background information to determine the technological solution we were going to implement. Following the audit, we created a list of recommendations and monitored the app development, providing guidance on technical and project management aspects of the delivery.

Agile Development

As the deadline was tight, we introduced the Agile approach to speed up the development process, which proved to be a significant operational game-changer for the client.


Our fundamental responsibility was to develop the frontend layer of the RWD application encompassing a complete set of views that bettors interact with. Initially, we proposed improvements to BETFAN’s internal development procedures to enhance operational efficiency. Then, we focused on reducing technical debt by modifying the infrastructure and introducing CI/CD processes with the assistance of an Architect and DevOps engineer.


In the later stages of the project, we built mobile app wrappers for iOS and Android operating systems. They reflect the existing web app and update automatically with any changes introduced to the source code. This solution increased development efficiency and lowered operational costs.

Key deliverables:

  • Implementation of the web application frontend in TypeScript
  • Development of native Android and iOS applications wrappers
  • Delivery of backend services integrated with GCP cloud
  • IaaC – automation of the infrastructure with Terraform
  • Production of the CI & CD processes


We provided BETFAN with first-level support throughout the World Cup to troubleshoot emerging issues on the spot. Currently, our team handles the product’s ongoing maintenance, taking care of the sportsbook web UI, mobile apps, and middleware that links BETFAN’s interfaces with the core back office and the platform.

The apps are continuously advanced with new features and system modifications. We also monitor their performance, acting as a core tech team and L2 support.

Core features & system components

Here are some of the features we have delivered throughout our collaboration with BETFAN.

The core wager pad

A clean and intuitive UI comprising everything users need to stay on top of the game. Navigate easily between popular leagues and tournaments, disciplines, top events, recommended bets, and a betting ticket view to wager just in time.

Live betting

Forgot to place a bet before the event? Do it live! Live betting lets users bet on their favorite teams in real time based on current odds varying as the match progresses.

Live video streams

Thanks to integration with BetRadar, and Sis, users can bet on events while watching them live in the sportsbook UI. Observe your team’s performance and predict the results accordingly without leaving the app.

Range of markets

The sportsbook offers a wide selection of markets to satisfy even the most discerning bettors. Classics, under/over, handicaps, player bets, specials, half bets, team bets, match events, combined market, and exacts – all in one place.


Bet on esports and win big. BETFAN allows video game enthusiasts to have action in CS:Go, LoL, Dota, StarCraft, Call of Duty, and Rainbow Six.


Besides betting on real-life events, users can gamble on virtual games like football, basketball, greyhound racing, and horseracing with real money.

Card games

The application gives access to TVBet’s offerings incorporating popular card games like Black Jack, PokerBet, or War of Elements branded exclusively for BETFAN. This way, users can taste a greater extent of entertainment within a sportsbook.

Custom events

Have you ever considered betting on real-life events? BETFAN provides a unique opportunity to wager on actual happenings, such as politics, showbiz, weather, and other topics not typically available on other platforms.

My Bet

If BETFAN’s offer somehow misses the event you wish to wager on, My Bet might be a real game-changer. Just fill out the form and send it to the bookie. It takes only 24 hours to verify the proposition and make it available for all players.


Collaborating with BETFAN, we developed a new version of the sportsbook web UI and mobile app wrappers for Android and iOS, effectively addressing all the challenges.

Technical debt reduction

The solutions we devised and executed successfully reduced the technical debt accumulated by the previous team and improved internal delivery processes.

Delivering on time

Despite the tight deadline – the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ – we delivered the new UI on time.

UX improvement

By implementing a refreshed interface, new system components, and infrastructural adjustments, we enhanced the performance and usability of the sportsbook, which positively affected the User Experience.

Visually-appealing interface

Our efforts resulted in positive reviews of the sportsbook’s frontend layer, ranking among the most elegant and user-friendly options currently available on the Polish market. The application’s interface was enriched with the dark mode, giving it a more modern and gambling-related look.

Impeccable performance

The system proved its reliability during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ when it effectively handled 3 times higher than the usual volume of players, registrations, and bets.

By addressing BETFAN’s needs and tackling all the challenges head-on, we enabled them to establish a significant competitive advantage within the fiercely competitive Polish sports betting market. Simultaneously, we helped the brand realize its overarching goal of delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences to its customers.

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