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Custom Mobile App Development Services

Ignite your business growth with a first-rate custom mobile application tailored to your needs. With our experienced team at the helm, you will exploit the power of leading technologies to enhance your customers’ digital journey. Provide your audience with a one-of-a-kind User Experience on every mobile platform and device.

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Custom mobile app development company

Looking for a mobile development partner to assist you with setting your digital presence? Look no further because we have the skill set and experience you need to succeed in the mobile market. With our custom app development services, you will develop top-quality software, elevating your brand’s recognition. Don’t waste time creating downscale solutions. Build your software with a mobile software development company that knows the drill.

What sets us apart?

Establish a competitive edge with a state-of-the-art mobile solution delivered by experts. Our cross-cutting experience and knowledge allow us to provide custom mobile apps within a predetermined deadline and budget. Step into the mobile-first world in the best possible way with our development services.

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Experienced specialists in the team

Each product development team is assembled based on seniority level to meet the degree of expertise required by a specific project.

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Smooth-running development process

Sticking to well-defined development procedures allows our team to deliver top-quality custom mobile applications on the dot.

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Cooperating with startups and big brands

Working with a diverse range of enterprises has equipped us to assist you in achieving your business objectives, irrespective of your brand’s scale.

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Multi-industry expertise

We combine high-tech expertise and vast experience in the iGaming, Blockchain, Crypto, and FinTech sectors to provide industry-oriented solutions.

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Maximize mobile traffic with our custom mobile application development services

CrustLab’s crew goes to great lengths to ensure you reap the full advantages of having a custom mobile app. Collaborate with us to create visually pleasing and high-performance software that will entice your target users and keep them coming back for more.

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Made-to-measure software lets you stand out from your competitors and build a powerful brand image that drives engagement with your audience, fostering your company’s profits.

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Maximum performance

Stability, security, and responsiveness are critical to your digital product’s success. That’s why we leverage the latest technologies to fine-tune your app’s performance.

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Outstanding usability

Our end-to-end development process includes an extensive UX/UI design phase, during which we plan architecture and visuals to maximize your app’s usability and user-friendliness.

What makes us the perfect custom app development company for you?

Being a dedicated custom mobile application development company, we profoundly care for our clients, treating their business objectives as our own. That’s why we will invest a lot of energy to evaluate and breathe life into your concept. Learn why you should work on your mobile project with us.

Committed team

We are passionate about our work, which drives us to strive for excellence in every product. Our team of custom app developers is dedicated to staying on top of the newest mobile development practices, letting us deliver up-to-date software solutions that fit the ever-changing expectations of the mobile market.

Agile development

Adapting Scrum methodology to project management helps us squeeze the best out of our potential. Custom mobile application development broken down into repetitive, time-boxed Sprints allows for continual progress with the least energy and time. We work closely with our client throughout the process using the Jira dashboard to keep both sides on the same page with the introduced measures. If you demand quick delivery and excellent quality, Agile development strikes a balance between the two.

Direct communication

Our daily operations rely on effective two-way communication. To simplify this, we create a separate Slack channel for each project to act as a platform for team members to exchange information with our stakeholders. This way, we can solve any concerns as soon as they emerge, ensuring that the project moves forward smoothly and on schedule.

Project expense control

CrustLab’s custom mobile application development services include budget management. We supervise the project’s expenditures for you, ensuring that each software layer is delivered cost-effectively. It does not mean you lose authority over your finances, as we seek your input on every decision and provide you with detailed reports on your costs. Instead, it frees up more of your time to attend to other aspects of the project.

IP transfer

You own the Intellectual Property rights to your digital product at all times, having complete control over its development and future use. In other words, we won’t resell your application to other clients, guaranteeing your unique idea is secure.

Our partners about collaboration with CrustLab

Those who worked with us do not regret it. Read our clients’ feedback on the quality of our custom mobile development services.

Step-by-step guide to our mobile development process

Since we recognize the uniqueness of each project, we provide end-to-end mobile app development services suited to meet your business domain and budgetary limitations. Whether you have a ready-made idea or need guidance to validate your concept, we will assist you in driving your application’s vision from ideation to completion. Our development process is always well-structured to produce quality products within a competitively short turnaround. This is how it works in stages.

Product Discovery Workshops 

We begin with the ideation stage to obtain a thorough knowledge of your concept and provide a shared understanding of the product objectives. At this point, we discuss your business goals and do market research to obtain a proper perspective on competition and target audience demands. Based on this information, we plan the product’s architecture while assessing the risk and required budget. The result of Product Discovery Workshops is a clear strategy for product deployment with a detailed development roadmap.

UX/UI Design

After reaching a common understanding of your product vision and developing a plan for its implementation, we take the wheel, starting with the UX/UI design. Our team operates on user personas to create basic wireframes and transform them into interactive prototypes that present micro-interactions. Throughout this stage, the designers stick to your business assumptions to guarantee that the final appearance of the app aligns with your brand.

Agile Development & QA

The coding finally begins! Our team follows the Scrum Methodology, which entails a Project Manager prioritizing tasks and assigning them to developers, who complete them in regular Sprints. Each code section is tested on the spot, and any bugs discovered are instantly returned for further refinement. When all components are in place, the mobile app goes through a thorough Quality Assurance process to ensure correct operation.


Following the development and testing phases, we proceed to the app launch preparation, which entails building a release build of your app and preparing it for distribution on the proper app marketplace. We carefully attend to every aspect to minimize the risk of downtime and ensure that your mobile software is deployed on schedule.


CrustLab values long-term collaborations and will not neglect your project after the product launch. Outside of your application design and development, we also take care of maintenance to ensure that it stays current and relevant. It means we address any bugs or issues that arise, implement security measures, and keep the app current with the latest technologies to keep it functioning optimally.

Not ready for mobile development?

We may assist you in refining your project plan via Product Design Workshops. Or we can design your app development project from the ground up during Product Discovery sessions.

Tech stack

We go above and beyond to maintain the world-class quality of your dedicated mobile app. For this reason, our developers use only the best methods and cutting-edge technologies to enhance your application’s UX.

programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Dart

architecture: MVVM, MVVM+C, Clean Swift (VIP), Modular Architecture, Clean Architecture, Multi-module Architecture, Bloc

frameworks: UIKit, SwiftUI, Combine, PromiseKit, Apollo (GraphQL), Firebase, Realm XCFramework, CloudKit, XCCoordinator, XCTest, Unity (embedded games), Jetpack Compose, Kotlin Coroutines, RxJava, Room, Retrofit, OkHttp, Mockk, Turbine, AutoRoute, Intl, RxDart, Dio, Hive, GetIt, Flutter Hooks, Floor, SQFlite, Equatable, Freezed

build tools: Cocoapods, Swift Package Manager (SPM), Gradle, Pub

CI/CD: Bitrise, Fastlane, Firebase App Distribution

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with the CEO of CrustLab

Hi, I’m Adam – CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experiences with you and talk about the challenges you are facing! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

Hi, I’m Adam – CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experiences with you and talk about the challenges you are facing! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have collected and answered the most often-asked client questions regarding mobile development. If you still have any concerns, give it a read.

    • Native app development vs cross-platform app development – which one should I choose for my project?

      When determining whether to go with hybrid mobile or native custom software development, carefully consider your project objectives and budget limits.

      Why is it so important? Using cross-platform technology to create a mobile app permits the development of advanced software that can run on numerous platforms, not only iOS or Android but also desktops, with a single source code. Thus instead of two (or more) independent development teams producing apps for different platforms, one team is working on one code base.

      Cross-platform mobile apps are thus a sheer saving of time and money while maintaining satisfactory quality and large market coverage. If you have limited resources but want to reach as many users as possible relatively fast, creating a cross-platform application is the right approach.

      Yet, despite their near-native UX and development speed, hybrid apps still have several shortcomings compared to their native counterparts. For instance, native mobile applications provide greater leeway in refining UI components, as well as quicker and more fluid data processing. Hence, if your custom app design and speed must be on the absolutely top level, native mobile technology might be the better alternative.

      Before committing to one option, we recommend reviewing your project’s requirements and budget with a software development company. Feel free to contact us – we will help you determine the best course of action.

    • What are the benefits of mobile app development?

      The usage of mobile devices has been skyrocketing for the past few years. In 2022, mobile accounted for over half of all online traffic worldwide, creating a tremendous opportunity for businesses to profit from mobile app solutions.

      People just love using smartphones for managing all sorts of stuff, so having a mobile app that’s tailored to a company’s needs is literally a must for many businesses to acquire a fair amount of customers and grow. In other words, launching a mobile application can let you attract mobile-driven users, who are currently in the majority, boosting your conversion.

      Besides, a mobile application in today’s world is a standard that most customers simply expect. So having one favors your brand’s identity and increases its recognition.

    • How long does it take to build a custom mobile app?

      Several factors determine the timeline for a mobile project. Two crucial aspects affecting the duration are the project’s scope and the features you want to add to your software.

      Based on prior projects, we assume it takes around 6 months from the ideation phase to the launch of a mobile product, but this can change depending on the project’s size and level of complexity.

      For a more accurate estimation, contact us directly. Knowing your product requirements and objectives, we will be able to prepare a clear action plan and detailed timeframe.

    • How to make sure the mobile app development company is the right partner?

      Finding the right custom mobile apps development company for your project can be tiring and time-consuming, as there are several factors to consider before deciding on one provider. 

      When skimming through multiple companies that create apps, focus on examining their portfolios in respect of custom application development. Check if one showcases projects similar to yours, and if so, scrutinize the methodology and technologies used, as well as the client’s satisfaction with the collaboration and outcome

      You can get familiar with such information through case studies and testimonials posted on the webpages of top custom mobile app development companies or review platforms such as Clutch or GoodFirms.

      If there is no proof of successful deliveries of custom applications in the past, it may indicate that this particular company lacks the necessary expertise to handle your project. In such a case, consider exploring the services offered by our mobile development company.