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Choosing the right software house as your partner in software development is not an easy or obvious decision to make. We've created this page to help you to make the correct choice.

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There is no better recommendation than the opinion of a satisfied customer. See what founders and managers say about cooperation with CrustLab.

CrustLab - Software House Kraków, Poland

Choosing the right web development partner will give you many benefits. The advantages of working with CrustLab are:

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We are a software house from Poland. Our headquarters are located in the heart of Lesser Poland, in Krakow. At this point, it is worth noting that, according to HackerRank, Polish programmers are in 3rd place on the list of the best developers from over 200 countries included in this list. What is more, in the international arena Poland is known as a country that provides excellent conditions for education and development in the IT industry. This is due to the fact that in every major city there are universities educating students in this field and IT companies appreciated in the world, around which local communities gathering developers are created through frequent events, workshops, courses, and more.

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We have existed since 2017, during this time we have completed several projects for clients from the United States, Western Europe, and Poland. We focus on betting and financial issues, and we have the most experience in these areas. For our clients, we carried out work in the field of front-end and back-end development such as: creating web and mobile applications, extensive online betting systems and horse racing platforms, virtual currency exchange offices, financial management products using cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and many more. If you are looking for a software house that will support your project from start to end including product workshops, design, development, and maintenance – contact us!

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We are a software house whose team consists of 50% senior developers with a range of skills and experience working with various technologies. This is a principle that we always keep in mind when expanding our team. Thanks to this, our clients receive the highest quality of services, which allows us to implement projects on time, minimizing the number of errors and final project costs. The digital products we created have accumulated over 1 million active users – Choose CrustLab as your software house and help us increase this number!

How to choose a software house to develop your product?

Choosing the right web development partner will give you many benefits. The advantages of working with CrustLab are:

First of all, be patient

this is not an easy decision and should be made based on the analysis of several factors and careful research and probably a few preliminary talks or consultations.

Check social proof

portfolio, customer reviews, as well as current and former software house employees. Make sure that the software house that you choose will scrupulously examine and understand your goals - the more questions, the more involved the company that knows how to avoid mistakes. Ask if the company's focus, technology stack, experience, and skills of individual developers match the project, which you want to implement.

Ask for clarification

of individual elements of the estimation. How it is created and what are the components of the final price. A software house that is transparent will not be afraid of such questions, and the price, even if higher than proposed by competitors, if justified, confirms the experience and professional approach of your new partner.

Check if you get along

you will work with this software house for the next few or several months - in addition to technical skills, try to examine soft aspects such as language and communication skills, transparency of progress in project work, and whether you have mutual sympathy.


Learn about the onboarding process and starting new cooperation. If the software house you are talking to is sure of the quality of service, it will agree to your test period request. Another solution is the purchase of paid design workshops - for a relatively low price, compared to the costs of the entire project, you will gain a sample of the skills of the people you want to work with. In addition, you will have the chance to refine your idea and a fresh opinion of someone from the outside who probably has more experience than you in a given field.

What can a software house bring to your business?

Crustlab offers a number of services related to web & mobile development, maintenance, or product design, but there are more aspects in which cooperation with a software house can enrich your organization:

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refinement of the idea and verification of its assumptions, the indication of possible threats, and the estimation of costs.

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front-end & back-end development, maintenance, support, testing, product workshops, UX/UI design.

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resulting in the highest product quality, shoring the development phase, minimalizing costs.

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a dedicated team or extension of your internal IT team by increasing competence or capacity.

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a step-by-step guide through the development of a digital product.

Start working with the right software house!

Contact us if you are looking for a software house that will develop your product. Sending an inquiry via the form is not binding. Three simple steps are enough to verify that we fit together.


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On the basis of the collected information, we will prepare an estimate of the costs and duration of the project.

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