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We take care of the development of your web application following the latest UI/UX and programming trends. We specialize in digital transformation of your business and we are ready to build and maintain your digital product to engage your audience and generate a high return rate. Fill in the contact form and let’s talk!
Web app development service

Web app development service

We are a web app development company which specializes in building highly performant web applications. We would love to create an MVP for your web app.

Deep knowledge about micro-services and SaaS solutions helps us in the creation of highly scalable web applications. To ensure the highest quality of our services, we designate a dedicated team of Quality Control engineers who are responsible for both full quality control of the web app under development and creation of automatic tests if appropriate.

Based on clickable mockups our front end team can create Responsible or even Progressive Web Applications. Our DevOps engineers build and maintain highly available and reliable infrastructure of your digital product.

We take responsibility for the entire web development process, from consulting your product vision, through UX/UI design, to development and maintenance. By choosing to work with CrustLab, you get a free project estimation and a two-week test period if you need to verify our skills and style of work. After completing the development phase, you gain full ownership of the product.

Full stack web development process

Ideation - CrustLab

The cognitive process, thanks to which we verify your product idea and advise on the best solutions.

Design - CrustLab

Our designers create low fidelity mockups and after your approval - final vision of your product.

Production - CrustLab

Source code of your product is created based on previously designed mockups.

Improvements - CrustLab

Even finished product needs improvements based on user behaviour and opinions.

Web development case studies - read more about our web apps

Sportech online betting platform


Horse Racing

Next generation of multi-tenant Horse Racing betting system hosted by one of the biggest players in the betting industry.

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Iceo mobile application



Development of Android widget application which allows the user to follow the cryptocurrencies rates in realtime.

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Pretta mobile application



Readable and easy to use even for lay people iOS application designed to optimize project management processes.

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Frontend development

Frontend development
Creation of a MVP
Creation of a MVP

Minimum Viable Product is an early version of the product, which has only the core features necessary to run it and collect user feedback, allowing to discover user needs and reduce the costs of further development.

Progressive Web App
Progressive Web App

PWA is a combination of web pages and native apps which providing website users full benefit of mobile experience whenever they want. PWA is a technology thanks to which your website will achieve high performance, like a mobile app experience, great usability, customer loyalty, and at the end of the day - better conversion and cost-effectiveness.

Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design

RWD is a necessary practice in web development nowadays which allows to display the page correctly regardless of screen sizes or the device used. RWD approach ensures usability and users satisfaction across all devices, through use fluid layouts, flexible images, proportion-based grids and CSS3 media queries. Responsive Web Design become especially important due to the fact that mobile accounts for half of the Internet traffic worldwide.

Mobile first design
Mobile first design

We live in the era of mobile, which forces businesses to be mobile-friendly. Therefore, the mobile-first design consists of the creation of websites with mobile in mind first and then the migration of solutions to the desktop. In mobile-first design, the content is one of the highest importance, together with simple design, high performance, easy contact, and visual attractiveness. It improves Google Ranking in a significant way due to the mobile-first indexing rule.

Backend development

Backend development
Cloud-based software development
Cloud-based software development

Would you like to move your business to the cloud? CrustLab provides expert consulting and comprehensive cloud development, making client’s market success possible. It’s a recommended solution for enterprise, scalable solutions.

Multi-tenant systems
Multi-tenant systems

We have an experience in developing multi-tenant solutions. We are ready to create an application that core will be the same for all of your clients but the UI part will be adjusted to your clients needs. There are a bunch of benefits using this solution starting from cost reduction, through ease of updates of your system (updates applied to the system affect all customers) and onboarding process (the environment is the same for all of your customers).

High-performance app
High-performance app

We pay particular attention to the system architecture, scalability and performance. Our systems are able to be used by thousand of users simultaneously.

Cooperation model

You choose the cooperation model yourself

Dedicated team - CrustLab

We can provide you with a dedicated team

Extension of your IT

Extension of your internal IT department

Custom web app development
Custom web app development

We will build your custom web app from the scratch. Tell us about your requirements and the difficulties you face, and we tailor solution to the individual needs of your business. Our custom apps permit to improve work through automation of internal company processes or support endeavour of your clients. By creating a custom web application you can simplify managing content, inventory, communication with customers, and human resources processes. If you are looking for authorial CMS system, custom CRM app, dedicated ERP system or other - fill in the contact form and let’s talk.

Web development for business
Web development for business

We are experienced and familiar with work on web development solutions for enterprise business, that can improve the overall efficiency, bring down costs, and boost business growth. We are at your disposal regardless of whether you need a dedicated solution created from scratch or you want to improve the performance of your current digital products - fill in the contact form and let’s talk.

How much web development cost?
How much web development cost?

Are you wondering how much your web development will cost? Fill in contact form and receive a free estimate. We value each project individually, and the valuation process itself is easy and transparent: - first we discover your needs and requirements - then we convert the list of requirements into user stories - after that we estimate time required to finish stories - based on time and required resources we are ready to send you our offer.

Technologies we use in web development

Wed development technology React

A library that helps us build innovative, simple and interactive user interfaces.

Wed development technology JVM

An excellent choice for building scalable, secure, enterprise solutions.

Wed development technology Node

A light, scalable platform which uses I/O model which makes it efficient. A great choice for both MVP and micro-services.

Wed development technology Python

Perfect for both fast prototyping and big data processing.

Adam Gontarz - CEO of CrustLab

Hi, I'm Adam - CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experience and talk about challenges you are facing! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

Why do you need to hire CrustLab as a custom web development partner?

Web development partner

Our company has three founders and one of them is always involved in your project,

because every web application is just as important to us.

We are flexible when it comes to team composition or cooperation model -

first of all we can help you to develop web app requirements and specification, you can have a dedicated web development team or app development team with product owner. We can also support your internal IT team - whatever you need to build and maintain your custom web application.

+10 projects implemented in the betting industry -

focus on horseracing, sports betting, online casinos and retail. We’ve created software for self service terminals, web and mobile apps. We have a lot of experience in this area but the scope of our portfolio is wider - we love working on the: e-commerce, trading platforms, investment software, medtech (healthcare), blockchain or custom CRM/CMS.

We will serve your project comprehensively -

starting from strategic and product workshops, through design, frontend and backend development to maintenance or even marketing activities.

What additional value do you gain through having CrustLab as a web development partner?

Free project estimate and deep understanding of your needs

before the web app project starts - this is your first saving you get thanks to cooperation with CrustLab.

Transparency and ease of communication

(100% office-based team) - when we work on your web application you have access to Issue Tracking Tool - JIRA, project documentation on Confluence, Slack channel dedicated to your project (but all binding provisions we determine by email). You can also contact directly with every member of the team, not only the Project Manager.

Proactive approach and project workshops -

we are not waiting for a ready-made action plan, we are here to help you in creation of product strategy and making the key decisions.

Excellent technical skills and work done on time -

are something that our clients always emphasize in the testimonials.


sensitive information and shared data regarding the project or your company are secure and protected by the law.

We follow the main principles of Agile and Lean Management -

we strive to ensure that the methodology of work allows us to achieve satisfying results.

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CrustLab consistently adds value to our organization in many ways. We've received very positive feedback on the system CrustLab has delivered. Our customers regard it as an excellent product. Our experience working with them has far exceeded those of other vendors.
Scott Watterson

Director of Digital Development

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