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Step into the game and bet on the proven online casino software provider, who will support you with designing and implementing the slot game prototype, online casino software integrations, and casino software end-to-end development.

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iGaming Projects


By working with us you build your casino software on solid foundations. Mix years of experience in iGaming, gambling, and sports betting projects development with the latest tech solutions such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies and this is exactly what our work looks like.

Domain Experts


Our team of gambling software development experts with its talent, and exceptional skills is able to build the best casino software and engaging games logic. Since we understand your outstanding casino game idea, you can be sure that its implementation is in good hands.

Years in the game


Our clients trust us as we deliver high-quality projects within budget and timeline. We constantly strive to become the world’s #1 gambling & casino software provider and we are getting closer. Many reviews bear this out.

Why choose CrustLab as a casino software provider?

As an online casino software provider, we’ll answer your highest tech expectations. Thanks to solid iGaming & gambling industry knowledge our team will guide you through every step of creating software for online casinos. Build a product that is stable, intuitive, and different from other casino apps on the market. Combine industry experience with the most recent technologies and exceptional game design and logic to take over the market. If you do not have the internal resources or knowledge to do it yourself you can rely on us!

Release the online casino solution

Benefit from the cooperation with a flexible casino software development partner to create a slot game prototype quickly. Release the MVP version of the product to gain the first users, validate your product idea or start getting profits. According to the Agile methodology, we work quickly which allows you to launch the product before collecting the budget to buy a casino platform license and start to share the revenue with the operator.

Beat classic casino games

In the competitive industry as online casinos, you have to provide a higher level of entertainment and user engagement. The best way to do that is to create something more in terms of logic and game mechanics, than classic casino games. If you want to attract more users bet on gambling industry-tailored designs, new game mechanics based on sports betting, pari-mutuel, lotteries, table games, roulette, jackpots, blackjack, or other live dealer games. Chasing more tech trends you may want to expand your online casino solution with the blockchain-based wallet and cryptocurrency payments and we can bring this idea to life.

Build or hire a product development team

Our dedicated teams of casino software experts will take away the need to build an internal IT department. You can use our competencies to create a slot game prototype from scratch or hire individual programmers to fill in gaps in knowledge regarding a specific industry or technology. When you need to speed up the development process, our people come into play.

Transfer of IP

You can be sure that all your unique ideas will remain your property. You are the only owner of the design, source code, and documentation from the beginning of the cooperation. We do not sell ready-made casino software or white-label casino games. According to the contract, the IPs of the products we create belong to the client and they will never go to your competition.

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How do we improve your online casino software?

Dozens of iGaming projects, understanding the realities of the online casino market, as well as a transparent and refined software development process, make successful and profitable casino software. Have a look at the list of possible improvements and tell us what you need.

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Social Gaming

Use the power of Social Gaming to attract even more users.

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Immersive gaming experience

Keep up with technology and trends, and provide the highest level of entertainment.

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Introduce crypto wallets

Increase profits by introducing quick, safe, and anonymous payments.

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App automation

Optimize the development process and cut operational costs thanks to casino app management automation.

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BigData and AI services

Use data to promote and improve the online casino with a user-tailored gaming experience.

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Play Store and Apple Guidelines

Optimize your casino mobile apps according to Apple Guidelines or Google Play Store to increase traffic.

Gambling software & online casino development

Working on your online casino software, we will use not only the latest technological knowledge but also our experience in the gambling industry. Our offer combines services based on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and sports betting that will give you a competitive advantage.

End-to-end product development

  • Support in slot game creation process
  • Mobile and Web apps Design & Development
  • Online casino integrations

Blockchain wallet-based apps

  • Web 3.0
  • MetaMask
  • Stable coins wallet
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Sports betting & iGaming software

You no longer have to worry about the lack of industry competencies and specific technical skills in your company. iGaming & sports betting domain experts are at your disposal. Use our pari-mutuel and lottery games creation knowledge to stand out from other casinos. Combine it with industry experience to engage users in-app, keep them coming back, and increase your conversion rates and revenue. After the development of the front-end interface UX and back-end infrastructure, you can expect ongoing support and maintenance to keep your online casino up and running smoothly.

iGaming software

End-to-end casino software developer

Working as your software developer, we will use all our online gaming experience and knowledge about the latest technologies. Software companies in the gambling industry have to know how to design and build stable and high performant web & mobile apps. Imagine gaming software that’s technological level is second to none. As a successful gaming software company, we provide immersive entertainment and a high user engagement rate for your software platform as well as sports betting, cryptocurrency, and blockchain-based custom casino software development solutions.

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Web development

Usinng the newest technologies, both on the back-end and the front-end side, lets us create scalable, real-time, and efficient solutions that definitely will move your business to the next level!

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mobile development service

Mobile development

We specialize in bringing our client’s ideas to life. Our brilliant mobile teams take pride in tackling the most difficult challenges and bringing them to life on Android and iOS devices.

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Product design service

Product design

We give a unique part of your business a voice. Design is one of the most important parts of every product. Our design team cares about the user experience over the entire customer journey.

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Sports betting services tile

Sports betting

Grow your business with the help of an experienced sportsbook software provider! Our technical expertise and sports betting industry knowledge will help you make a difference in this competitive industry.

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FinTech development

Software is changing the world of business and financial services. As an in-house team of FinTech industry experts, we develop custom Web & Mobile financial applications.

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Blockchain development

In the competitive market where the majority do the same, you have to follow trends and constantly introduce the newest tech solutions to make a difference and attract more users. Improve your online casino with Blockchain technology and financial solutions. On a daily basis, we develop Web 3.0, MetaMask, Stablecoins wallets, cryptocurrency payments, smart contracts, and more. It keeps us up to date with technologies and features that will effectively increase user satisfaction and the income of your online casino.

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Hi, I’m Adam – the CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experience and know-how with you and talk about your challenges! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

Hi, I’m Adam – the CEO of CrustLab

I would love to share my experience and know-how with you and talk about your challenges! Feel free to reach out to me to discuss your ideas and needs for any project.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In this section, we have collected questions that are repeated during conversations with you, our customers, and using these questions, we have explained some key terms that may raise doubts. We hope you find the information below helpful. If you have any questions, please write to us!

    • How does gambling software experience helps with the development of the online casino?

      Gambling software such as sportsbooks, pari-mutuel betting apps, lotteries, and casino games are based on similar mechanisms. One of the main similarities is the strong need to engage users and gamification, advanced calculation of stakes and bets, and the need to distinguish the gambling application with design, customization, and above-average User Experience. Another common feature of gambling software is its profitability and low risk of losing profits, which in the case of online casinos seem even better.

    • Will you create an online casino platform for me?

      No, creating an online casino platform is a very long, complicated, and costly process that is difficult to implement also due to legal aspects. For online casino software, we do not make White Label products. At some stage of your online casino development, you will likely need to purchase a license from one of the online casino platform operators and share your income commission with them. However, before you are ready for it, we will help you create a preliminary version of the product, test your ideas, or design an original and original game that will attract thousands of users from around the world.

    • What characterizes a good online gambling software provider?

      The best gambling software provider is a company experienced in this industry. If your partner can show a portfolio of online casinos & sports betting apps as well as casino & lottery games, it’s probably worth starting a conversation with him. As in any IT project, the development of gambling software will also require high technical expertise, knowledge of the latest technologies and trends, and ensuring high quality of the source code, fast performance, and scalability of the application.

    • Is CrustLab a provider of casino game software?

      Yes, and no. As a casino software development company we can support you with the process of game development, but mostly in terms of coming up with game logic, Microgaming mechanisms, and gamification to engage players. We are a casino game developer for people who want to go beyond the patterns used by classic casino game software solutions. We will do our best to help you stand out in the market and create a casino game that will be noticed and appreciated by players around the world.