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Gamehub technology stack

About the Project

Consolidating a diverse selection of slot games into a single API, GameHub is a convenient bridge that connects game providers with casino operators.

To maximize the platform’s capabilities, the client asked for our support in improving its functionality and expanding the catalog of integrated games.

Thanks to our strong technical expertise, we quickly identified areas for improvement and streamlined operations, ultimately improving our partner’s offerings and contributing to their success in the market.

Services: Web Development, iGaming Development

The Client

A quickly expanding online casino games provider, awarded Rising Star at the EGR B2B Awards for its impressive growth and accomplishments in the industry.

The combination of a visionary team, excellent industry knowledge, and close cooperation with leading gaming suppliers allows the company to create first-rate products that attract millions of players worldwide.

Our client aims to dominate the iGaming industry with a wide portfolio of visually stunning and feature-rich slot games, guaranteeing exceptional casino entertainment.

Gamehub about the client


Our goal with this project was to integrate multiple game providers into the internal aggregation platform and offer technical advice during the development process to guarantee top-level system performance. Additional integrations and system refinements aimed at maximizing the platform’s usability to generate new deals and consequently increase profits.

The primary challenge was streamlining the integration and management of various games from different providers while guaranteeing the platform’s appropriate security and dependability.

Some of the technical challenges we had to address at the very beginning of our cooperation:

  • Adapting the build process to Apple M1 architecture
  • Resolving test failures that were randomly disrupting CI/CD pipelines
  • Efficiently switching from Python to Typescript
Gamehub objectives


Thanks to a game API hub, online casino software operators can effortlessly access a vast selection of the most popular slot games simultaneously, cutting down the expenses and time required to expand their gaming portfolios.

Game suppliers, on the other hand, obtain an immense distribution channel, allowing them to reach a wider audience and increase their revenue potential.


Through this collaboration, we could extend our experience in building casino game aggregators even more. It was an excellent opportunity for both parties to exchange technical and industry expertise.

We shared best practices and critical checkpoints for slot game aggregator deployment and management, from implementing core components to integrating third-party services and designing an architecture for tournament functionality.

Gamehub scope

The Scope of Work

CrustLab’s specialists contributed to the effective development of the aggregation platform on several levels.

Swift Integration of Casino Games

Our primary responsibilities included expanding the aggregator with additional games offered by third-party providers and integrating the selected game library into the online casino platforms operated by our partner’s clients.

We also handled testing, introduced adjustments, and resolved issues arising during the integration process.

Solid Technical Support

Outside of continuous development, we offered the client technical support to enhance the system’s performance and optimize its infrastructure. By suggesting ways to address pain points and troubleshooting emerging problems, we contributed to GameHub’s excellent performance results.

Excellent Communication

We maintained regular communication with the client’s representatives and also kept in touch with game providers to gather technical feedback and resolve integration issues.

Gamehub system components

Core System Components

A game aggregator is a sophisticated system designed to maximize profits while minimizing the effort required to integrate and manage an array of games. Here are the critical components that make GameHub an all-embracing solution.

Integration of Games

With a unified API, hundreds of miscellaneous slot games, including even video slots, can power an online casino lobby in one go. A selected package of games is integrated within just two weeks, saving an operator valuable time and money.

Game Management

Outside of a centralized game management system that allows operators to access games from different providers in one place, GameHub provides tools for configuring game settings, such as bet limits, pay tables, jackpots, and bonuses.

User Account

Managing players’ accounts has never been easier. GameHub enables operators to handle registrations and wallet operations like deposits and withdrawals, and also keep track of users’ activity to ensure the best possible gaming experience.


The game aggregator offers detailed reporting and analytics tools that help operators keep track of game performance, player behavior, and other parameters to optimize the game selection and boost engagement.


Providing a secure environment is a top priority for casino operators. With that in mind, GameHub has been equipped with security tools, such as authentication, encryption, access control, and auditing, to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data.


GameHub also provides support services to quickly resolve any bugs, glitches, or other technical issues impacting the performance to guarantee uninterrupted operations on the platform.


Our unwavering dedication to providing a cutting-edge solution has yielded a triumph in the form of an extended repertoire of online games available in the client’s offering. This expansion demonstrates our commitment to innovating and expanding business opportunities for our partners.

Seamless integration

Thanks to our efforts, operators can easily integrate an extended selection of online games with a straightforward game API hub design.

Goals Fulfillment

The client’s short-term goals were achieved with great success, and we are proud to have played a notable role in this accomplishment.

Top Collaborations

The fact that GameHub delivers casino games to several reputable brands in the iGaming industry ultimately proves the effectiveness of our work.

Clients about the cooperation with CrustLab

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