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SoyDigi - business management as a service web app MVP

Creation of the web app MVP version of a business as a service application for a Polish-Columbian startup in the early stages of growth.

SoyDigi business management as a service app

SoyDigi is a Polish startup in the early growth phase that is creating a web app MVP of its first product – a business management and administration outsourcing solution designed for digital industries. Currently, SoyDigi is conducting tests with users from all over the world to validate the product idea. Collaboration with CrustLab was initiated by Laura Warjan the CEO of SoyDigi.

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SoyDigi web app MVP challenges

The main challenge of this project was the creation of the MVP version of the project management web application in just three weeks. The client had a clear vision of the product including a shortlist of functionalities needed in its basic version and ready-made design mockups, so a high-fidelity and accurate implementation was a must.

Thanks to this approach, we were able to quickly deploy and coordinate the right team and plan while focusing on the quality and practicality of the frontend and backend development of the web application.

Also, SoyDigi required a consultancy service to evaluate the technical feasibility of the different functionalities of the solution, as well as estimate the effort and cost associated with the development. This evaluation and estimation played a key role in the process of completing an incubation program to help them secure funding.

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How did CrustLab help SoyDigi build MVP of the web application?

Our contribution started with understanding the concept of the desired solution and guiding the founders on the technical details that needed to be considered, such as different user’s roles, money management, and overall workflows. After our first sessions, a full evaluation of the complexity and implications of each functionality was performed, resulting in a detailed estimation of both the effort and the cost of full-fledged product development. This also allowed the founders to select the functionalities that were feasible for an MVP development while considering budgetary constraints and preparing financial planning to request government funding.

Later, during the three weeks of MVP development, we focused on the frontend and backend development of the web application. The MVP version of the SoyDigi business management app has two panels: one for administrators and specialists (SoyDigi’s employees), and another for freelancers.

The admin panel allows you to create workflows, all consisting of stages, that represent an outsourced service. To achieve a given “Outcome”, freelancers collaborate with SoyDigi to complete the required tasks. This is done by specialists or freelancers, creating a seamless delegation that enables effective outsourcing of everyday business administration tasks. The administrator creates new workflows, adds descriptions, assigns categories, plus determines milestones and specific tasks. All this by using an interface based on the Django admin panel.
The freelancer panel is a section presenting details of the processes, including automation and dependencies between processes to all assigned specialists. Only performers of a given task have the ability to add attachments such as files, links, or other resources. The freelancer panel’s User Interface is created based on SoyDigi’s UX/UI mockups.


We have created the MVP version of the web-based business administration and outsourcing application. Within three weeks, we developed an early version of the product and prepared it to be tested with users from around the world and to present the demo version to investors interested in financing further work on the development of this project.

Also, we have partnered with SoyDigi as a technical advisor to support their business model and financial planning, which supports their current efforts on securing both venture capital and government fundings.

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