Leeroy – A White-label Restaurant Management App

The transformation of a groundbreaking all-in-one platform designed to streamline restaurant management across Scandinavia.

About the Project

Leeroy has revolutionized the food service industry by offering an end-to-end customizable system for comprehensive restaurant management. Yet, the platform was initially built on separate native apps, posing substantial maintenance challenges.

The goal of the project’s new iteration was to create an easy-to-maintain online ordering system dedicated to large-scale operators that would replace the existing impractical solution.

Our mission was to shift from the confines of native mobile and web applications to an integrated and thus more economically viable Progressive Web App (PWA).

Technologies: React.js, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, Nest.js, MongoDB

Services: Code Audit, Product Discovery Workshops, Web App Development

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The Client

Leeroy is an engaged ally to restaurateurs, providing white-label solutions that simplify restaurant operations while mitigating major app development costs.

Serving across Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland, the company’s transformative influence has enhanced efficiency and customer experience in notable brands like Pizza Hut.

Their customer-centric innovation and focus on cost reduction, highlighted by the switch to PWA technology, set them apart from industry competitors.

Client Details
  • Location: Sweden
  • Industry: Information Technology & Services
  • Company type: Series A Startup
  • Project type: Web App
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The Challenge of Creating a White-label Restaurant App

Seeking a dependable partner with strong technical expertise, the client entrusted us to bring the next generation of their product to life.

The existing white-label native apps were a maze of complexity loaded with countless features and customizations. On top of that, many of them were tailored only to satisfy specific clients, which complicated the business logic and drove up maintenance costs. It was clear that a simpler approach was needed to untangle the puzzle and come up with a more technically and financially viable solution.

When the client approached us, the project was already underway. Our aim was to pick up where it was left and deliver a functional MVP in a short timeframe, taking charge of the PWA front-end development.

Despite having the designs in place, the absence of documentation and the non-functioning features posed unexpected difficulties for the delivery of this online ordering platform.

Additionally, during the code audit, our developers identified a significant technical debt accumulated by the previous team. In light of the project’s condition, our primary task was to prioritize the features, assessing their relevance and alignment with the business objectives. Following that, our focus shifted towards minimizing the technical debt and establishing comprehensive documentation for the project.


Our main focus was to develop a technically optimized system that could support various restaurant operations, including food ordering, and eliminate the need for multiple third-party services.

Simultaneously, we aimed to ensure that this restaurant app, despite being white-label, was easy to maintain, minimizing reliance on the service desk and reducing overall costs for all parties.

Primary Motivation

Leeroy had a strong aspiration to contribute to digital transformation within the industry. At the same time, the company aimed to strengthen its reputation as a reliable provider of white label online solutions.

Leeroy case study image 2


Our collaboration with Leeroy went far beyond coding. Here’s how we worked together to achieve their visions and goals concerning the ordering system for restaurants.


During the technical audit phase, we aimed to scrutinize the state of the project set in motion by the previous team but put on hold halfway.

Although an in-depth examination of the code revealed a solid foundation for further development, we identified several major issues that required resolution to make the system run as intended.

The code was a mixture of well-written sections and errors, contributing to a significant technical debt. The absence of documentation and project requirements only worsened the situation, especially when certain features failed to function as expected.

Product Discovery Workshops

Throughout the 2 weeks of exploratory workshops, we focused on delving deeper into the client’s demands and the state of the existing product to prioritize areas crucial for the development phase.

Armed solely with designs, we had to identify the stakeholders’ requirements, create detailed user stories, and compile a comprehensive backlog of items. This empowered our developers to efficiently kick-start their work.

Agile Development

We continued to develop the solution over 5 months, but our contribution extended beyond the delivery of the ordering app – we quickly found ourselves in the role of Leeroy’s partners. 

Aiming for optimal efficiency and business value, we sparked the shift toward a fully Agile approach right from the start.

The entire team focused on resolving all issues identified during the code audit, ensuring the proper functionality of the PWA app, and addressing one of the major challenges – implementing seamless and cost-efficient customization for multiple brands.

Outside of development, our foremost task was to provide strategic advice to Leeroy’s C-level executives. That was key to nurturing a product-focused mindset and driving impactful organizational changes.

Key development deliverables

Customizable UI

We implemented the PWA front using React.js, ensuring the delivery of a customizable UI that allowed for adjustments to distinct business preferences.

Components Library

Collaborating with the client’s designers, we developed and maintained the project library, providing seamless integration with the system.

Project Reorganization

To guarantee expected functionality, we meticulously reorganized the system’s components. Our team fixed the main path and completed any missing data in the main views.

leeroy mobile apps

Core Features & System Components

As part of the development plan, we enhanced the product’s functionality by introducing several cutting-edge features. Here are the most notable ones.

White-label customization

As a white-label solution, the system allows adapting its UI to the preferences and branding of each tenant while also providing an individual administration panel.

Adjustable delivery options

The app empowers users to select and detail their delivery method – whether it’s takeaway, delivery to a table or even a car, or home delivery.

Advanced order personalization

Thanks to this feature, gourmets can exercise creativity and individuality in their feasts. Toppings, sauces, extras – mix and match to craft a perfect meal.

Cross-location cart reusability

Different place, same order. The innovative system enables customers to maintain the same shopping cart across multiple locations within one restaurant chain.

Real-time stock status

Leeroy can sync with the restaurant’s stock system to keep users updated on what’s in and what’s out in terms of menu positions and enable more informed decisions.

Flexible payment options

With multiple payment options, including card payments and Swish, customers can choose the method that suits them best and enjoy hassle-free checkout.

Order notifications

The app keeps track of the meal’s progress and notifies the client when it is ready for pickup. Grabbing food on time was never easier.


Stepping into Leeroy’s journey, we helped give their powerful restaurant management solution a new lease of life. We jumped right in, updating their existing work and bringing clarity to their product vision.

Consistent Progress

We kept a keen eye on the ultimate goal – a seamless development of a PWA platform

Constrained by the tight deadline, the tech team focused on the core issues, attempting to make the restaurant ordering application work seamlessly.

Our technical expertise and an agile mindset came in handy, shaping solutions that not only added value in optimal time but were in tune with Leeroy’s key objective – transforming online food ordering across Scandinavia.

Business Support

In this partnership, we were more than just a development team. We became trusted business allies, offering insights on vital product decisions to ensure they were in sync with Leeroy’s grand plan.

This hands-on support played a key role in guiding Leeroy’s digital transformation voyage toward the pre-defined goals. The client expressed satisfaction with the components put into the test environment.

Regrettably, due to strategic shifts within the client’s organization, the enhanced version of the system didn’t make it to the launch phase.

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