White-label Mobile Sportsbook Apps

The genesis of custom mobile sportsbook apps reshaping the US and Canadian iGaming landscape through customization and cross-state functionality.
White-label mobile sportsbook apps case study

About the Project

To promote the expansion of a leading iGaming brand into the lucrative US and Canadian markets, we’ve created regionally-compliant white label sportsbook apps for iOS and Android.

Seamlessly integrated into the client’s comprehensive system, the applications turned out to be the catalyst of the company’s growth.

Integrations with renowned third-party providers like Kambi, SmartyStreets, or Xtreme Push and cross-state operability have let the client tap into new regions, strengthening their position in the betting market.

Technologies: Kotlin, Swift, UIKit, Bitrise, Firebase.

Services: iOS App Development, Android App Development

The Client

Our client is undeniably a true iGaming powerhouse, recognized for their technical prowess and ingenious spirit. Collaborations with industry giants from Poland, Denmark, or Belgium confirm their credibility and global expertise.

Since 2010, the brand has encapsulated the perfect blend of technology, partnership, and market knowledge with the vision to dominate the ever-evolving gaming industry.

Their mission is to provide unrivaled white label sportsbook software that empowers clients to innovate, reduce operational costs, and maintain a competitive edge in regulated markets worldwide.

White-label mobile sportsbook apps case study 1

The Goal

Our mission was to pave the way for our client’s smooth entry into the competitive but profitable markets of the United States and Canada. We aimed to build custom mobile frontends compliant with all relevant regulations.

To bring this vision to life, we started developing two white label native sportsbooks for Android and iOS integrated with the client’s system.

White-label mobile sportsbook apps case study

Challenges of Developing White Label Sportsbook Solution

Right from the start, we faced an exciting yet demanding goal – delivering the core sportsbook software within just 3 months. Why was it so challenging?

Adaptability and Customization

We needed to build a solid foundation to facilitate adjustments and customization for future stakeholders.

Expertise in Multiple Fields

It required technical prowess, including mobile systems, real-time data and payments integration, UI management, and scalable codebase creation.


We had to coordinate diverse systems and APIs, ensuring seamless integration despite technical variations in providers’ systems and interfaces.

Short Deadline

Given the high priority placed on the apps’ quality, we had to balance between timely delivery and maintaining the excellence of the final product.

Legal Requirements

The complexity of the license and accreditation process in the US required careful navigation.

Team Game

The project demanded our close collaboration with the client’s team to ensure a successful outcome.

White-label mobile sportsbook apps case study 4


Both applications had to adhere to rigorous app marketplace guidelines, particularly Apple’s, and local regulations, which is not so simple in the case of white label sportsbook platforms and turnkey solutions.


With all the requirements on the table, we proceeded straight to developing the sports betting software. As the deadline was tight, we implemented the Agile methodology to optimize the process, which let us deliver valuable results within each iteration.

Agile Development

Working in close cooperation with the client’s tech team, we initiated the creation of native Android and iOS applications using the standard mobile technology stack.

Yet, our target extended beyond conventional mobile apps. We aimed to deliver white label sportsbooks, forcing us to think outside the box and implement more complex solutions.


To ensure an exceptional betting experience, we combined our sports betting platform with the Kambi sportsbook via an SDK. Additional third-party integrations included SmartyStreets for address autocomplete, XtremePush for push notifications and marketing campaigns, Zendesk for customer support, and AppsFlyer for app analytics.

The Foundation

First, we focused on building a well-structured codebase serving as a template that would provide flexibility for future expansion, modularization, and seamless onboarding of new tenants. To comply with regulatory requirements, the apps included a KYC process during registration, as well as Terms & Conditions and other legal necessities.

Backend Tweaks

Although the backend infrastructure of this white label sportsbook solution was the client’s responsibility, we promptly identified opportunities for server-side enhancements to increase apps’ performance and scalability. The user experience significantly improved by resolving these issues, maximizing the app’s potential gains.

Close Collaboration

Throughout the entire project, we fostered cooperation with UX/UI designers and backend developers from the client’s team to ensure seamless integration of each component into the system.

White-label mobile sportsbook apps case study 5

Core Features & System Components

Check out what features were squeezed into these white label sports betting apps to make them reliable and bettor-friendly.

Traveling Wallet

Introducing the game-changing Traveling Wallet, where players effortlessly retain and manage their balances across different states without the need for fund transfers. A whole new level of convenience and excitement in US sports betting!

Kambi SDK Integration

The apps offer a first-rate wagering experience thanks to Kambi’s renowned sportsbook. What’s better than a robust and reliable betting system available through a seamless integration?


Since compliance is a top priority in sports betting, we integrated our white label mobile apps with GeoComply. Using GPS, Wi-Fi, and IP address data, it verifies whether the user is in an authorized betting location, keeping everything within regulatory boundaries.

Biometric & 2FA Authentication

Leveraging biometric data and two-factor authentication is a big step toward secure betting. These two technologies safeguard user data and preserve the integrity of the wagering process, putting bettors’ peace of mind front and center.

Real-time Transaction Recording

Discover real-time transaction tracking, where every transfer, whether incoming or outgoing from the user’s wallet, is swiftly recorded in state ledgers. Dive into a safe environment that fosters user trust while delivering a fully compliant solution for esteemed B2B clients.

Secure Payment Gateways

With fortified payment gateways, we empower bettors to focus on what truly matters – the game itself. Encrypted transactions ensure the safety of financial data, providing worry-free deposits and withdrawals. A strong suit in maintaining user confidence.

Flexible User Authorization

Sign in securely! The authorization process within our apps is a breeze and keeps data locked with real-time token verification. Simple, fast, and safe – just how bettors like it.

Custom Betslip

This feature empowers a tailored betting experience, where adding and removing bets from slips is a piece of cake. With an intuitive and engaging interface, it’s designed to spur more bets and skyrocket user engagement.

Odds Display

The solution channels a live stream of odds from varied sports and events. Users and bookies alike are provided with the freshest betting data, fueling informed choices and amplifying the thrill of the bet.

Responsible Gambling Tools

Self-exclusion periods, deposit limits, and reality check reminders in our apps foster a responsible gambling haven. Compliant with regulations, these tools serve as guardian angels shielding users from the pitfalls of gambling.

White Label Solution Deployment – Results

Through weeks of focused efforts fueled by dedication and a strong bond of trust, we successfully yielded white label mobile apps that passed strict guidelines and let our partner go live with two key clients.

The delivered product is characterized by customizability, regulation-compliant design, and a full-spectrum betting experience addressing the demands of all parties involved – our partner, their B2B clients, and end users.

Yet, it is the integration with the client’s exclusive Traveling Wallet that truly sets the apps apart, providing a competitive edge in a region where gambling regulations vary from state to state.

During our journey, we not only built a remarkable core solution but also tailored it to match the branding of our partner’s esteemed B2B clients, one operating in Canada and the other in the United States.

But that’s not all. Building upon the foundation of the white label sportsbook, we also leveraged its core functionality to bring forth a bespoke online casino for the same client.

Despite multiplying hurdles, including backend and integration-related issues, we created the product that met all predefined requirements in just 3 months – an impressively brief period given the project’s extent. What was our secret?

Effective Cooperation

Key to our strategy was prioritizing consistent communication and joint problem-solving. By treating every challenge as a shared concern, we ensured that issues were identified early and effectively resolved before they could escalate.

Cross-functional Engagement

While primarily focused on building mobile applications, our involvement extended beyond that. We actively contributed to improving server-side infrastructure and CI/CD workflows. Our vast expertise brought valuable insights to the overall system, identifying bottlenecks and streamlining processes.

Flexibility & Commitment

With unwavering dedication and adaptability, our team went above and beyond in the project. From implementing new features to accommodating changing requirements and even expanding our involvement to develop a casino app, we consistently surpassed client expectations, delivering on time and within budget.

Unified Expertise

Our Project Managers, technical experts, and Customer Account Managers worked in synergy with the client’s Product Owner, ensuring smooth progress. Everyone brought their unique perspective and skills to fulfill gaps and deliver value faster.

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