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STAY STRONG – A Next-level App Elevating Tennis Club Engagement

Discover how Fame Sport Club, a VIP-centric tennis and badminton hub in Krakow, harnessed cutting-edge technology to elevate player experiences and boost profitability.

About the Project

Meet STAY STRONG, a mobile application that combines classic sports club offerings with a modern digital twist. Unlike standard athletic centers that rely on generic booking software and offline engagement, Fame Sport Club demanded a more extensive mobile app to foster community and sustain member engagement, even remotely.

Designed to eliminate the inflexibility of multiple third-party services, the app enables Fame Sport Club’s VIP players not just to make reservations and pay for courts, but also to collect loyalty points and receive personalized real-time notifications wherever they are, keeping them connected. Leveraging top-notch technologies backed by our expertise, STAY STRONG emerges as an all-in-one solution that empowers Fame Sport Club to evolve beyond traditional norms, making it a frontrunner in the sports community.

Services: Flutter App Development, Product Design

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The Client

Fame Sport Club stands as a pioneering hub for tennis, padel, and badminton players, offering top-tier facilities like artificial clay and Gerflor courts. But beyond just being a sports center, they actively integrate into the tennis community by engaging in tournaments alongside their staff and clients.

Guided by the vision to become Krakow’s premier tennis destination, the club caters to elite clients by uniting innovation and luxury, which is evident in their wellness-focused offerings like saunas, snacks, and a lounge for live sports viewing.

To provide an unmatched experience for its members, Fame Sport Club emphasizes quality in every aspect blending professional physical sports amenities with advanced digital solutions, as evidenced by our collaboration. Their modern, technology-driven approach sets them apart from traditional sports centers.

The Goal

Driven by the aspiration to become more than just a sports venue, Fame Sport Club called for a comprehensive mobile app catering to refined expectations of VIP clientele.

They needed a top-notch solution for managing court reservations, loyalty programs, and client communication all at once. Relying on multiple external systems was no longer an option due to their limitations that impacted the club’s efficiency and profitability.

To enhance players’ comfort and automate manual club management operations, the client wanted to close all these functionalities into one custom application. And here’s where our in-depth mobile expertise came in handy.

Our Challenge

The plans were big. With STAY STRONG, players would effortlessly manage their reservations through court booking software, saving them the hassle of making phone calls or visiting the club in person. They would also be able to easily browse available time slots, select their preferred courts, and even make last-minute cancellations if needed.

While the online reservation system was supposed to remain the app’s central feature, its functionality wouldn’t stop there. The application also aimed to incorporate a robust loyalty program to elevate user engagement and trust. We envisioned that every time a player made payments, whether on-site or through the app, they would instantly earn loyalty points on their account.

Outside of that, we planned to enrich STAY STRONG with a superb notification system updating players about enticing promotions and events. Through ongoing digital interaction, the client would ensure the club members stay connected at all times.

This vision called for an individual approach to delivery and skillful integration of third-party services into the app’s code base that required careful planning, deployment, and testing. Here’s how we dealt with this challenge.

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The Scope of Work

Although the client had a concept of the desired app functionality and a list of required features, the method of assembling the software components emerged from collective discussions. In the early stages of the project, we suggested a delivery approach that would guarantee optimal results.

UX/UI Design

By immersing ourselves in the client’s requirements, we set out to conceptualize and deliver designs attuned to the client’s specific conditions. In just a few days, we swiftly evolved from preliminary sketches to refined final views. Each detail was intricately considered and aligned with the requirements of elite players, ensuring an unmatched user experience. 

Through our commitment to capturing the essence of the club’s vision, we transformed abstract ideas into user-centric and sporty designs that resonated with the discerning preferences of Fame Sport Club’s exclusive clientele.

Agile Development

To kickstart the development phase, we broke down the overall requirements into specific tasks and validated the scope with the client. From setting the backend architecture to launching the mobile app, our team followed the Scrum framework to ensure optimal efficiency.

Setting the Groundwork

We started from the basics, focusing on building the backend infrastructure. This helped us eliminate blockers, which allowed for the iterative implementation of new functionalities and smooth integration with external service providers. Also, by efficiently handling back-office tasks, we accelerated the use of Django admin, a crucial component in establishing an affordable Content Management System, to streamline the club’s business operations.

Mobile Front-end

With a robust backend infrastructure already established, our team proceeded to breathe life into the front end of the application. In terms of technology choice, we decided to leverage the power of Flutter because of its cross-platform capabilities. This strategic move allowed us to streamline development time and costs effectively, while simultaneously accessing users on the two predominant mobile platforms, iOS and Android.

Merging External Services

The project’s success hinged partially on enhancing the system through two major external services – Tenis4u and GymManager. This involved drafting precise requirements, conducting a series of collaborative sessions with the respective providers, and finally developing an API for seamless integration. Although we faced some unresponsiveness from the supplier’s end, our experience helped us deal with the bottlenecks and merge both systems as planned.

Integrating Payment Gateway

The next crucial step involved integrating the Stripe payment gateway for in-app purchases. Given its vital role in our application, ensuring maximum reliability and security became our primary concern. We devised protocols and conducted rigorous testing to ensure that every transaction through the gateway was smooth and fortified against any potential security breaches. This approach was crucial to cultivate trust among players, ultimately improving their experience within the app.


After the successful application launch, we promptly responded to the client’s needs by incorporating additional functionalities into our well-crafted solution. Moving into the next phase, our focus has transitioned to software maintenance, placing a paramount emphasis on the ongoing enhancement of the application. Our further engagement revolves around safeguarding the software’s integrity, usability, and performance. Through monitoring and strategic optimizations, we maintain a seamless user experience while fortifying the application’s capabilities to align with the evolving needs of elite players.

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Core Features & System Components

To elevate the satisfaction of Fame Sport’s exclusive clientele, we’ve jam-packed the application with an array of features that distinguish it from other sports club solutions. Discover the secret behind its outstanding functionality.

Remote Court Reservation System

The application’s primary feature is the possibility to secure a slot on a tennis, badminton, or padel court in mere seconds, all while receiving confirmations, reminders, and bonus incentives. Thanks to seamless integration with Tenis4u and streamlined UX, our reservation system reduces booking time, leading to considerable cost savings for the client.

Omni-channel Experience

Leveraging integration with GymManager, our platform offers a truly omni-channel experience. We’ve created a reward system that lets users accumulate points for every payment, deepening their connection with the brand. Thanks to QR codes, on-site purchases are recorded, crediting clients with loyalty points right away.

Integrated Commerce Solution

Thanks to integration with Stripe, the club’s members get easy access to unique offerings such as video match recordings, expert game assessments, and exclusive event tickets. Utilizing this acclaimed payment processing system ensures hassle-free purchases, eliminating the need to wait in checkout lines while maintaining the highest level of transaction security.

Personalized Video Vault

Beyond the standard tutorials and riveting tennis commentary, the app offers something truly game-changing. With Personalized Video Vault, players can relive every serve and volley, conducting thorough analyses of mistakes and drawing valuable insights for their upcoming games.

Announcements & Events Hub

To bridge the gap between administrators and the community, we’ve enriched the system with a blog-like space for timely announcements and updates. From exciting news on tournaments to facility upgrades, such posts ensure clients are always in sync with the pulse of Fame Sport’s dynamics.

Championship Calendar

STAY STRONG offers a showcase of club events, granting users a preview of the scheduled activities through the application calendar. With a well-designed system in place, users can effortlessly indicate their attendance for each event. It’s more than just dates. It’s the VIP pass to the club’s rhythm.

Custom User Dashboard

Designed to maximize convenience, STAY STRONG empowers users to curate their experience from the get-go. Clients can easily set up and control their accounts, customizing them to individual preferences. Fine-tuning profile details, security settings, and language preferences are just a few taps away.

Game-time Alerts

Fame Sport’s clients stay in the loop with instant Game-time Alerts on their reservations, court availability, electrifying events, and other crucial information dropped to their smartphones. Our state-of-the-art solutions ensure players receive essential updates straight to their inboxes.

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Prioritizing superior quality, the convenience of both clients and staff and operational efficiency, we’ve developed a digital product that has genuinely revolutionized the tennis scene in Poland.

Focused on offering an elevated experience not commonly found in other sports centers, Fame Sport Club wanted the application to mirror its exclusive atmosphere, so we went above and beyond to make that happen. Although the court reservation system is the core of STAY STRONG, the app’s capabilities extend far beyond. By infusing the application with out-of-the-box features, we not only streamlined players’ experiences but also redefined their engagement with the club, setting new standards for sports software.

Establishing synergy

Right from the get-go, we resonated with the client’s vision. Our initial UX/UI design iteration was hitting the mark as we translated the client’s aspirations into captivating visuals. 

By introducing sporty, engaging, and intuitive views, we successfully conveyed the essence of the elite sporting atmosphere FameSport Club embodies. It set the tone for the app and established the foundation upon which our entire development journey thrived.

Taking Ownership

In a stride to fulfill the precise requirements of our esteemed client, we assumed complete ownership of the project. Our expert team engineered a robust API to seamlessly integrate GymManager, Tenis4u, and Stripe, establishing a unified ecosystem. Efficient operations in this field constituted a base for further enhancements and system extensions.

Delivering a User-Centric Journey

Our UX-friendly flow has revolutionized how in-app interactions unfold. By enabling effortless court reservations and transactions and providing access to game recordings and valuable match analyses, we have meticulously designed the app to align with users’ convenience and requirements.

By introducing a dynamic notification system, we’ve ensured they’re constantly in the loop about the club’s most recent developments, upcoming events, and exciting opportunities.

Meeting Expectations with Efficiency

Overall, our commitment to excellence was reflected not just in the quality of our work but also in the punctuality of the delivery. By skillfully managing our resources and adhering to a well-structured timeline, we delivered each feature on time. Budget optimization ensured the project progressed smoothly within the confines of the allocated financial plan.

While we await quantitative metrics, the initial applause from the club’s staff and players is a testament to our shared success. We didn’t just develop an app. We strengthened the bond between FameSport Club and its community.

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