Case study - fixed pool betting system

Improvements and refreshments of the fixed-pool betting system. Fix performance bottlenecks and several new technical solutions and custom features, improve user experience, and add more business conversion points to the web application.

The Client

A confidentiality agreement covers the following case study. Therefore we do not provide the company name. However, both the client’s needs and the solutions we apply are so universal that we decided to describe them. The client for whom we implemented this project is one of the leaders in the betting industry in Great Britain, employing between 50-100 people. It is a company with a long tradition that was established 80 years ago, and at the turn of the 20th and 21st centuries, it started the digital transformation of its services. This betting platform offers the possibility of betting based on football matches. The cooperation with CrustLab began thanks to the recommendation of one of our regular clients from the same industry.

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Fixed pool betting system challenges

CrustLab provided advisory and executive support to the client in product development and business digitization from the beginning of the cooperation. The main challenge in this project was to get out of the technical debt, introduce new solutions and systematically improve the system’s operation.

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How CrustLab helped the Client

Work on the project lasted six months. During this time, we supported the digitization of the client’s business by providing services such as web development, both front-end development and back-end development, and UX design of 3 new games introduced to the system based on existing mechanisms.

As part of the fixed pool betting system development, we have added new betting solutions such as slot games management system, lotteries games, fixed pool games, and integration with internal data feeds and external odds providers.

As part of supporting the digitization of business and improving its operation, we moved it to the cloud and implemented a dedicated in-app system and custom inbox notifications. The source code of the system has been refactored to meet the current standards, and the front-end part has been migrated from obsolete libraries to modern solutions.


The most important result of the cooperation is the modernization of the system, improvement of the speed of operation, and optimization of the payment path by shortening the number of steps.

What’s more, we have introduced several new technical solutions and those strictly related to betting:

fixed pool betting system case study results

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