CrustLab has been verified as the top 7% of software companies at Pangea

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14 April 2021
Jakub Urban
Jakub Urban
Marketing manager
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And it happened! We are part of the Pangea software companies community! We’d like to announce that CrustLab has successfully passed the verification and has become a fully-fledged member of the Pangea community. This means that we are in a carefully selected group of software development companies from around the world. Pangea community membership is another significant milestone in the development of CrustLab and yet another confirmation that our software development team of experts provides services deemed best in class.

A world-class community of software companies

To allow for context, Pangea was launched in 2020 as a productized evolution to and by the team at Digital Knights. Over a 5 year span, the Digital Knights team screened over 500+ software development companies, selecting only the top 7% to be part of its community. This resulted in 165+ successful matches between businesses and a vetted vendor pool of over 5000+ world-class designers and developers. The company is a melting pot for entrepreneurs, engineers, and creative people with years of experience working in the tech industry across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

At Pangea, the team has simplified and productized the complex process of finding a trustworthy software development partner by:

  • Increasing the transparency of software suppliers by disclosing metrics verified by clients, employees and the human experts at Pangea through an ongoing verification process;

  • introducing standards and frameworks to compare software development companies  side-by-side based on quantitative and proprietary KPIs;

  • enabling businesses to engage and hire a development partner(s) through a click of a button;

  • facilitating for businesses to receive tailored vendor recommendations within 72 hours.

We at CrustLab look forward to joining forces and further support the elite Pangea community with our very own talent.

CrustLab’s software development team
Snapshot of CrustLab’s software development team

Joining Pangea software companies community

There are several reasons why we have chosen to enter into a strategic partnership with Pangea. Firstly, we are aware of the IT industry’s problems related to the lack of transparency and the complicated buyer journey for businesses looking to hire a software development partner.

We believe that the power of community and transparency can help us stand out in a saturated and noisy market. Moreover, we want to present our services clearly and understandably to enable businesses to choose us as the right partner based on our achievements and meris. As Pangea makes this possible, our goals were aligned from the onset.

We grasped the diligence and high benchmark of joining Pangea during the verification process which indeed proved to be challenging. Compared to other listing sites, catalogs, and directories, Pangea did not ask us solely about the company’s basic services offering or completed projects. They went above and beyond to attain a 360-degree view of CrustLab.

Pangea required us to look both to the past and to the future. Current strategies, goals for the future, and expected growth factors were critical metrics to be reported. Such an approach prompted us to intensely work through the development strategy of CrustLab.

What’s more, team culture was one of the most critical factors, and this is what Pangea indicates as the most important advantage and matching criteria to successfully work with clients. Pangea conducted interviews with each of our employees, which was valuable feedback and marked areas for improvement in HR matters.

As part of the process, we also prepared 15 different documents that accurately describe CrustLab in various areas. All of them are available for viewing by clients interested in our services on CrustLab’s Pangea profile.

It was clear that this was not a process that you could cheat which makes us even happier to have passed with flying colors. It was thorough, informative, and well designed which helped us look „behind the curtain” of our company and reveal inner strengths to highlight and blindspots to improve on.

Our learnings

The total score – the Pangea score – was 8.6 / 10.0. The Pangea score is the average of client scoring and a team health score derived by our employee feedback. Though an excellent result, looking at the individual components and metrics, we realized several aspects that we should improve.

The highest-scored turned out to be the Management Rapport, which confirmed our belief that the work and commitment of both the management board and managers working at CrustLab are at a good level.

The “Personal Growth” score of our employees turned out to be an indicator that undermined the overall result. Even if over 50% of our team are dedicated to developers with senior experience, their willingness and appetite to develop is something we may have underestimated. Therefore, we have taken appropriate measures to enable further personal development for employees. We expect that the next evaluation will translate into greater satisfaction with personal growth at CrustLab and overall team health score as the verification is continuous even as a member.

Another area identified with room for improvement was communication and internal feedback. To make sure that each employee has the right tools that will allow him to express his or her opinion, apart from regular face-to-face meetings, we introduced monthly meetings for the entire team. At these meetings, team members learn about the most important events in the company, the current status of ongoing projects, and plans for the coming weeks. They can also submit their comments and share their conclusions. The next step for improvement is the introduction of regular satisfaction surveys for each member of the CrustLab team.

group of CrustLab software developers
CrustLab’s software development experts during a workday in the Krakow office.

From the very beginning, we were interested only in real talents. Obviously, every software development company is as good as the worst employee of the company. Personal attitudes, good communication skills, fit to the team, and high-level technical skills are some of the most important factors for us. Our clients’ ratings and the high overall rating on the Pangea website seem to confirm that this concept was correct. We intend to continue this strategy of company development by creating the best possible working conditions, which I hope will translate into a greater interest of top specialists in working at CrustLab.

Adam Gontarz, CEO and Founder of CrustLab.

Looking ahead for CrustLab

Summing up, joining Pangea allowed us to better understand where we are at the status quo as a company. On the other hand, it also clarified the vision of what kind of company we want to become in the coming months and years. The verification process confirmed some shortcomings we were aware of and highlighted some we were not aware of.

In the time to come, we certainly want to continue on the path of selecting the best specialists to join our team. With our leanings of late with Pangea, we also want to give them the best tools for further their personal and professional development.

In any event, we are proud that the findings are disclosed transparently on our Pangea profile for any prospect to see prior to engaging with us, either as clients or team members. This is a contribution from CrustLab to improve the hygiene of the software development market through unparalleled transparency.

Through our efforts, our ultimate goal is clear. We want to become the global leader for software development services in the gambling & betting industry where we already have a strong foothold.

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